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The BC Cancer Foundation and Robert L. Conconi Foundation proudly announced an inspiring $1.3 million in donations as British Columbians answered a call to action to help advance new treatment options for cancer patients in B.C.

The Robert L. Conconi Foundation challenged British Columbians through a matching gift offer to help get immunotherapy clinical trials into the clinic, inspiring 5,965 individuals to contribute.

"We've always known that the BC Cancer Foundation has a large community of supporters, and they have stepped up in a meaningful way making over $1.3 million in donations in only two months-time. That's just remarkable. The money raised will help to move the needle for cancer treatments in B.C.," said Alex Conconi, director of the Robert L. Conconi Foundation.

The Conconi family's million dollar match was announced at the 2015 Inspiration Gala and in a moment that caused great excitement during the event's live-auction, Alex raised a paddle to give an additional one million dollars!

Immunotherapy, a treatment approach that enhances the body’s own immune system to eliminate cancer, is currently considered the most promising new treatment approaches. Clinical trials using therapies developed at the BC Cancer Agency's Deeley Research Centre will harness each patient’s own tumour reactive T cells are expected to launch in 2017.