Continuing the Momentum Post-Challenge

By Desiree Nielsen

Wednesday, May 31st

You’ve made it! It’s been an amazing month of movement, good food and self-care…all for an incredible cause.

Fitness challenges work because they are a fun way to harness the power of community to motivate change. As our challenge draws to a close, it’s important to make a plan to keep those good vibes going.

Reflect on what is effortless…and what requires a bit of work. Maybe you find it easy to make healthy choices with a full fridge but you have trouble making it to market. Maybe grocery delivery can help!

Is it tough to find time in a crazy morning to make breakfast? Perhaps you can prep your meal, like some overnight oats, the night before. Do you get bored of your standby recipes? Why not make a Pinterest board of yummy, healthy recipes to inspire a whole summer’s worth of feasts?

Choose one tangible, practical goal around healthy eating to keep you motivated this summer and make a plan to stay on course. Enlist a buddy and share your goals.

Remember to remain as flexible in your eating habits as you now are in your muscles! Healthy eating is not about ‘perfection’…and the battle isn’t won or lost in a single meal. Eating well is about a pattern of eating that favours fresh, whole foods but still leaves room for treats.

It’s summer. There will be ice cream. And drinks on the deck. Just be sure that a few gorgeous salads hit the picnic table too!

Beet Bean Burger