So you’re all signed up to Lose the Booze and you’re ready to be alcohol-free this February? The next step is fundraising! Here's how to get started:

Personalize your fundraising page.

Login to your Participant Centre and update your personal fundraising page. Letting others know why you are taking on this challenge will help inspire them to donate to your page. Uploading a picture of yourself will also go a long way.

Send emails to friends and family – and everyone else!

What is the biggest key to successful fundraising? Asking! Create a list of everyone you can think of and send them emails linking back to your Participant Page. Cancer touches everyone and you’d be surprised at who will be willing to support your fundraising efforts.

Is there a friend or family member that would prefer to donate by cash or cheque to support your efforts? Download a donation form here.

Use social media to spread the word.

Share the link to your Personal Page on Facebook and let people know how much their support will mean to you. Social media is also a great way to update people on how you’re doing with the challenge. If you’re having a tough week, share that and maybe a donation from a friend or follower will be just the motivation you need to keep on going! 


Keep track of your progress

Download our Lose the Booze calendar to keep track of how well you're doing. Add reminders of when to follow up with your network and make the countdown to March 1st fun!

Celebrate the Soberbowl!

Big football fan? Sunday February 4th is the Superbowl, and will be the first big challenge this month. If you're not buying a Free Pass for the night, let people know that you're having a Soberbowl this year and ask them to donate to your page to help motivate you!

Ask for some love.

Valentine's Day is the next major hurdle in February. Use this to your advantage and ask the special people in your life to "show you some love" with a donation

Offer to be the designated driver for taxi fare!

So you’re not drinking for the month, you’re the perfect designated driver for your group of friends! Don’t let that opportunity go to waste ask everyone to pitch in what they would normally spend on a taxi and donate that back to your page!

Ask people to Buy you a Drink

Let people know that while you’re Losing the Booze this February, they can still buy you a drink…a virtual one! Ask them to buy you a couple of beers for $10, or maybe splurge on a bottle of champagne for $75!