Raise Your First $100 in Three Easy Steps!

By Workout to Conquer Cancer

Friday, May 4rd

We know it can be hard to get going with your fundraising. Here are three easy steps to help you raise your first $100!

  1. Self-Pledge: Make a self-donation of $25. You'll even get a nifty Self-Starter badge that will appear on your personal page!

  2. Ask Two: Let two close friends or family members know about your challenge, and ask them for a $25 gift to support you!

  3. Get Social: Share your fundraising page with your community on social media to let them know how hard you've been working this month, and ask for a Rest Day pass. We bet you'll even get more than one!

There you have it—your first $100+ dollars! Every dollar you raise will stay right here in B.C., fueling the work of scientists and clinicians as they continue to advance research, enhance care, and improve the lives of people facing cancer today.

For more resources to help you, visit our fundraising tips page.