Keep Moving!

Saturday, June 2nd

How are you planning to stay motivated after the challenge? Are you signing up for a race? Are you joining a hiking group? Here’s what some participants are sharing...

"We were very active before the challenge so our motivation is to bring more people into this awesome space with us! I started a weekly run club at my office that will continue after May and Chris and I both coach a weekly run club from our gym. Making runners out of anyone and everyone!"

- Stacey & Chris Price, Workout to Conquer Cancer Ambassadors

"I stay motivated by realizing that even 20 minutes of exercise or movement is good for my body, even just a little bit counts. It goes by fast! I stay motivated by learning to accept that sometimes that 20 minutes is something simple like walking to work, or walking during my lunch break. Even gardening counts! Working in regular harder, more intense gym workouts a few times a week makes the month fly by and the more time that passes the more you realize you have to keep going because you've already come so far."

- Norma Reid, Team CTV

"I plan on challenging myself to go on harder hikes, and have set a goal to finally do the Grouse Grind and Jeoffry Lakes which I have never done. Also me and my Co-Captian have made a promise to meet up 1-2 times a week to workout and push ourselves not just for a summer body but for a healthier lifestyle not just for the body but also our minds!"

- Rosalyn Salanguit, Team Captain of Yana’s Angels

"One of my best friends signed up to do the West Coast trail this summer with her sister who lives in Australia, long story short, she has no one to train with at home! But what are best friends for? So, I've offered to be her training buddy – long hikes with heavy backpacks and mastering the stair climber! Wish me luck :)"

- Jess Pirnak, Team Nutrition Nerds

"My motivation to continue to keep moving daily is supported by creating a workout plan/program. I have got a trainer to make me a program (5 days a week) that helps me stay accountable to both myself, and my trainer, in the days/weeks to come. My goals are to build strength and hit some new PB's (Personal Bests) in weightlifting. Put it in your schedule and it will become a priority!"

- Connor, Team Captain of RYU Apparel

"I am staying motivated after this challenge because health and fitness are gifts, and I want to support everyone that is fighting cancer through an active lifestyle - which I believe can help fight the battle!"

- Hannah Fletcher, Owner of Fit in 30 Minutes

"I tuned-up my bike this month, and got out riding at least once a week as part of the challenge. I was reminded how freeing it is to ride, and how quick I can fly around the city. I'll be continuing to ride my bike more in between meetings and appointments, instead of driving. The challenge helped reinforce the joy this could bring to everyday moments"

- Emma Andrews, Workout to Conquer Cancer Ambassador

"To stay motivated I am joining my coworkers in a step challenge for the month of June, and have also been invited to take part in a yoga challenge in July. This past month has been such an awesome experience and a great way to kick-start my fitness goals. I am also really proud and happy to have contributed to such an amazing cause!"

- Lindsay Butler, Team DHX Media