Meet Geoff Livingston

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

Geoff Livingston

In the summer of 2018 Geoff Livingston conquered his goal of riding his bike from Banff, Alberta all the way to Mexico.

“At the time, it was what I thought would be the biggest challenge of my life,” he says. “But it didn’t compare to what I had to face when I got home.”

After putting his body through such a demanding trek, Geoff visited his doctor once he returned to get checked out.

In the best physical fitness of his life, Geoff was stunned after an ultrasound showed signs of concern. Geoff learned he had a tumour in his kidney and was booked for surgery.

“Hearing the word ‘cancer’ is something you don’t expect to hear,” he says.

Half of his kidney and the full tumour were removed through surgery, and the next day Geoff learned he was cancer-free.

Recovering from cancer and surgery, today, Geoff is kicking off another challenge – he’s joining hundreds of participants committed to breaking a sweat every day this month as part of the BC Cancer Foundation’s Workout to Conquer Cancer presented by RYU Apparel.

For 31 days straight, Geoff will work out and fundraise in support of breakthrough cancer research and care to help change the story for British Columbians facing a similar situation he was in.

“I’m honoured to share my story – it allows me to make some noise and create opportunity for people to get healthy and stay fit and hopefully not have to go through some of the things I’ve gone through this past year,” Geoff says.


You can learn more about Geoff’s story here