Thanks for joining Workout to Conquer Cancer! To help you make the most of your challenge, we’ve put together some resources to help with your fitness and fundraising.

6 Tips to Fundraising Success

1. Share your story

Who or what is inspiring you to Workout? Your community will be more inclined to give if they know why you’re doing this.

2. Ask close friends and family first

Think of the people who you know will donate to your fundraising efforts your partner, family, close friends, co-worker, boss, etc.

3. Self-Pledge

Don’t forget to donate to yourself to kick-start your fundraising!

4. Send an email

Think wider than family and friends local businesses, your work, fitness studios, etc. Remember to include the link to your personal fundraising page in any email you send out.

5. Ask for a Rest Day Pass.

Instead of asking for a straight donation, make it fun and ask someone to buy you a Rest Day Pass. For a $25 donation, you can enjoy a guilt free day off!

6. Double your efforts

Ask your HR department to see if your company can match your fundraising efforts a great way to double your efforts!

7. Get social!

90% of donations come in online. Share your story and a link to your personal fundraising page across your social networks. You might be surprised at the amount of support you’ll receive from a post on Instagram or Facebook! Here are a few simple tips to boost your post:

•  Tag us!

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @workoutbc

•  #Hashtag

Use #WorkoutBC and #WhyIWorkout

•  Thank your supporters

Don’t forget to always thank your donors and supporters through a direct message or with a tag or mention!