Lose the Booze 2018


This February, our team has committed to Lose the Booze and give up alcohol for the entire month.

Why would we do this to ourselves, you ask?

Because one in two people in our province will face cancer in their lifetime and we're not ok with that stat. That stat became a reality for three of us on the team when we were diagnosed with cancer in 2017. We all have a different story to tell. The disease has affected us all differently but we all know the burden cancer puts on our lives and the lives of our loved ones. It's not just cancer that brings us together as a team, we are all shipmates from HMCS CALGARY and we are all indebted to the BC Cancer Agency. So while we’re passing on the pints, and wanting for wine, we’ll also be fundraising for the BC Cancer Foundation. The funds we raise will directly support life-saving cancer research taking place at BC Cancer.

We chose "Onward" as our team name because it united us as a ship being HMCS CALGARY's ship's motto, and although cancer has affected our lives, we will continue to carry onward. Unite with us and help make a difference to those affected by this terrible, silent disease. Please, make a donation to our team today to help make a difference. Your support will also give us the motivation we need to make it all the way to March 1st!

And if you would like to become a Booze Loser yourself, then join our team! ONWARD!


Update: 10 February 2018

Our commitment to "Lose the Booze" has been an amazing success story and has brought a lot of attention to the cause and helping us spread the word.  Thank you so much to all for your donations that brought us all the way to our goal of $7500 in just 10 days.  Since it doesn't track beyond 100% we have decided that we will regroup and set the goal that I (Steve Tomlinson) literally talked Sean out of when we started because it seemed impossible.  We believe now it is very possible and hope to see Onward bring in a staggering $10000.  We can do it, let knuckle under and kick Cancer's Ass!

Please consider supporting us by making a donation directly to our team, or help our team members reach their personal goals by making a donation through their personal pages by selecting their name in the team roster to the right.


Thank you and we appreciate your support to team Onward and the BC Cancer Foundation.

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