Lose the Booze 2019


This February, our team Sanddunn has committed to Lose the booze to raise money, for the BC Cancer Foundation.

Why would we do this, you ask?

Because one in two people in our province will face cancer in their lifetime and we're not ok with this. So while we’re passing on the pints, and wanting for wine, we’ll be fundraising for the BC Cancer Foundation. The funds we raise will directly support life-saving cancer research taking place at BC Cancer. Our story with BC Cancer began in September 2015, when my mom was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. She had her tumor removed and spent 7 weeks in Kelowna doing radiation followed by 6 months of chemotherapy. Then we found out that her cancer had spread to her liver and she is still undergoing chemotherapy. This diagnosis 10 years ago would have given her 6 months to live. This goes to show that thanks to research, treatment has come a long ways.

Last year our team raised over $4000! Our initial goal was to only raise $1000. As it was our first time fundraising, we went in expecting to actually lose the booze for the whole month. We quickly learned about a "Free Pass," which actually helped us raise more money. If we had a special occasion to attend or friends wanted us to go out, we simply asked our friends to donate a Free Pass. The free pass option is a $30 donation and then we have the night off -- guilt free. This year we have set our goal to 10,000.

Thank You for taking the time to read our story and if your able to help us reach our goal that would be awesome!! Your support will also give us the motivation we need to make it all the way to March 1st!

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