Workout to Conquer Cancer - 2018

Aprille & Randy Ferrario



This May Aprille and I will be participating in Workout to Conquer Cancer, we will be working out, running, spinning, walking or doing something active everyday of the month. The reality is we should be doing this daily because we can but this seemed like a great way to tell our story, lean on friends, and create awareness while raising some funds for cancer prevention


On the day before Aprille's 40th birthday she found out she was expecting our fourth child, shortly there after i was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, long story short a couple of weeks after our daughter was born i was in surgery having a laproscopic partial nephrectomy.  

I was extremely fortunate, prevention is key and early detection was life changing for me.  

Help us raise some money so prevention, early detection, and treatment can become more of a reality for you and the ones in your life.

Thank you

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