Workout to Conquer Cancer - 2020

Minds over Matter

As we face the uncertainty of this pandemic, one thing is certain - we all have been affected by cancer one way or another. We need YOU to help us conquer cancer! 

Everybody has a reason why they signed up for Workout to Conquer Cancer benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation. Everybody has made the decision to make a difference, to not give cancer a face. It’s why we train, fundraise and challenge ourselves — and we would be grateful for your decision to support us along the way. 

Let's start our journey to Hope together! Let's turn this stay-at-home situation into something positive. A goal. A way to help. Become one of our supporters and help us reach our fundraising goal of $1000 that will go a long way!

You will enable the BC Cancer Foundation to support breakthrough research and enhancements to care at BC Cancer, which helps cancer patients across the province and ultimately all over the world.

Thank You!

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