Workout to Conquer Cancer - 2017

Beauty and the Beast: Not Quite as Old as Time

Welcome to the Beauty and the Beast team page!  

...where Debbie and Sandra are not quite as old as time!!

We're going to workout EVERY DAY IN MAY!

And we'd like you to support us with a donation to the BC Cancer Foundation

  We're working out every day as a reminder that cancer needs to be fought every day!

 BUT WE'RE ADDING OUR OWN TWIST!   We're not going to just ask you for money and take it whether we workout or not!  Nope, we are making you a pledge.  If you support us with a donation, and we fail to workout every day in May, we will reimburse you your donation up to our fundraising goal!  

AND if we reach our fundraising goal, we will donate an ADDITIONAL $1,000!

Now that's a deal you can't pass up.  

So please give generously to a great cause - no amount is too small, nor too big :) - and we will workout hard.  Our workouts will be a minimum of 45 minutes and can't include stuff we would do anyway, like walk the dog!  Sandra will post on Facebook what we do each day!!

Thank you for helping us Workout to Conquer Cancer.

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Download form for mail-in donations.  

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