Workout to Conquer Cancer - 2017

iQ Conquerors
iQ Conquerors

iQ Conquerors

Welcome to the iQ Conquerors Workout to Conquer Cancer Challenge!

We are a fun and fitness-minded group from iQmetrix who are on a mission to conquer cancer on behalf of co-workers, friends and family members who may be impacted by this disease.

During the month of May 2017, we'll be participating in a month-long fitness fundraising challenge.  All month we'll run, walk, bike, hike, do yoga, do Body Blast, play soccer, play softball, or maybe even play tag to promote a healthy Lifestyle while joining hundreds of others across the province who have committed to making a serious impact in the effort to conquer cancer.

Research is the foundation of advancements in cancer prevention, early detection and improved treatment options. B.C. is home to a world-class cancer research and care organization and with our efforts, Workout to Conquer Cancer will enable major discoveries that will help revolutionize the way cancer is diagnosed and treated in the coming years. 

Please consider making a donation to our team and making a difference in the lives of over 27,000 British Columbians who will be diagnosed with cancer this year. 

Interested in joining our band of Conquerors? Join us! Improve your own health and wellbeing while we fundraise and train together for this important cause. 

Thank you for helping us Workout to Conquer Cancer.

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