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This May, Ad Iron Fitness will be participating in the Workout to Conquer Cancer presented by RYU Apparel, where we’ll be challenging ourselves to get moving every day of the month while fundraising in support of critical cancer research and enhancements to care at BC Cancer. 

About Ad Iron Fitness 

At Ad Iron Fitness we are passionate about making exercise fun, challenging and most importantly sustainable. We are focused on delivering results through thorough individualized programming. Our 5 most valued qualities are Fitness, Freedom, Love, Passion and Success. And if we focus on these together we can help you reach your goals both in body and in life. 

About our Sky is the Limit Campaign

The C word. Cancer. A word that has touched many peoples families. On the 3rd of November, 2017, Adam Canales' family became one of those families touched by Cancer. And it was his mother, Adriana Canales. At only 60 years old, she lost her battle with an unexpected return of breast cancer that metastasized to her liver. After a month after her diagnosis, Adam and his husband Eduardo had to make a very daunting trip back to Australia to be part of the last moments of Adam's mums life. Sadly they didn’t make it in time as she had passed whilst we were boarding the plane, and it wasn’t till we arrived at my family home where we got the devastating news.

How you can support

And so in honor of Adriana Canales, we will be donating exactly half of what we raise to the BC Cancer Foundation. A charity that believes that together BC can break down cancer. At the BC Cancer Foundation they believe that with our help British Columbia can make a difference in the lives of so many people.

With incredible leaps in science and technology and the generous support of donors, BC Cancer is breaking new ground in genomics, immunology and nuclear medicine. This will lead to prevention in high risk families, better treatments with fewer side effects and ultimately improved health and longevity for people impacted by cancer.

Thrive and Conquer will be involved in two of the BC Cancer Foundation’s fundraiser events - Workout to Conquer Cancer in May 2018, and the second in August, a day after mum’s birthday (24th August) which is the Ride to Conquer Cancer - a 200KM ride over 2 days.

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