Workout to Conquer Cancer - 2018

Team KeepOn

Welcome to ‘Keep On’ – a movement that embodies exercise, mental health and #goalcrushing as essential to the healing process for young women with Breast Cancer. But we’re here to make sure that ALL cancers in BC get some much-needed funding to ensure the researching keeps researching, tests keep testing and cures get found.

The husband/wife duo of Chris and Stacey Price will be throwing down some epic workouts in May – big, small and everything in between and as 2018 Workout to Conquer Cancer ambassadors we’ll be sharing this experience with all of you.

If you know us, great – WE LOVE YOU! And if you don’t, #backstory – Stacey was diagnosed with Stage 2 IDC (invasive ductal carcinoma) in September 2016. Since then we’ve racked up a partial mastectomy, radiations and currently on 5 years of hormone treatment. While that was happening, we lost Chris’s mum to Lung Cancer, Stacey’s Dad to Colon Cancer – and currently Stacey’s cousin is battling Stage 4 Pancreatic and Chris’s Dad is fighting Throat Cancer. Every day we feel compelled to use our bodies, words, reach and breathe to help find a cure and for those who it’s too late, to help make lives as long and as pain-free as possible.

Chris and Stacey’s waking hours are normally spent marathoning, swimming, Cross fitting, biking, hiking, spinning and yoga-ing so we’re no strangers to using sweat to de-stress – whether through cancer treatments or through trying times but 31 straight days? Can we do it? Yes we can. Can you? YES YOU CAN. If Stacey can run the London Marathon weeks after ending Radiation, you can move your body (and reap the rewards) every day for the month of May.

We would LOVE (I mean, really love) if you not only joined our team but committed to using your own 31 days of activity to raise funds for everyone who’s cancer’s dark light has touched.

Follow us @teamkeepon on IG and FB and get ready for an epic month of sweat and (happy) tears.

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