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In Karen’s memory we have requested that donations made to the BC Cancer Foundation in her name be directed to a Genome Sequencing trial that we strongly believe represents the future of Cancer treatment.

Karen was fortunate enough to be the first patient enrolled in this study, the purpose of which is to identify specific mutations in a patient’s Cancer cells and then to tailor treatment options to same. This was in large part due to her Oncologist, Dr. Howard Lim’s tireless advocacy on Karen’s behalf and to whom we remain grateful for such an opportunity.

Unfortunately for Karen, her cancer make-up showed an extremely aggressive and rare mutation with very bleak prognosis. While this never dampened Karen’s resolve or her will to fight, it made an already difficult battle that much more difficult.

The cost of sequencing a participant’s genomic make-up is extremely high and this trial currently has funding for only 30 patients. In directing donations in Karen’s name to this trial, it is our hope that someday someone else will be afforded an opportunity to partake in this trial and that somehow this trial save the life of even one cancer warrior.

On behalf of Karen’s family, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your donation to the truly remarkable efforts of the BC Cancer Agency.

Background from the BC Cancer Foundation

The objective of the Personalized Genome-Guided Decision Making study is to determine the feasibility of a revolutionary new approach to cancer care.

In the past, chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients have been tested and determined by large-scale randomized clinical trials. This methodology is useful for tumour sites where a critical mass of patients is diagnosed with a similar disease however the same approach does not adequately meet the needs of those patients whose cancers are of a rarer variety or where the primary tumour site cannot be identified. A paradigm shift in cancer care is needed - we need to be able to personalize treatment for the individual patient.

BC Cancer Agency scientists and clinicians have designed a unique study for those patients who have rare, incurable cancers for which no standard chemotherapy regimen exists. This pilot study will use advanced gene sequencing technology to identify genomic mutations or abnormalities specific to the patient's cancer. This information will then be used to identify new drug regimens that target the unique features of the patient's cancer.

Patients will be prescribed a drug regimen to be used in an unprecedented way. By closely monitoring tumour response, investigators will be able to quickly identify patients whose cancers continue to grow in the face of treatment in order to immediately switch to another regimen when possible. This initial pilot study will impact 30 patients.

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