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This past year, many patients have marked milestones in their cancer treatment by ringing the “Bell of Hope” at BC Cancer centres across the province a symbolic gesture to recognize what they have been through as they embark on their next step.

It is also a moment to celebrate the many family, friends and healthcare heroes who support and care for BC Cancer patients.

Of course, many cancer stories end differently: not with a bell-ringing celebration, but with a family left in sadness and grief.

When you make your donation today, please keep in your heart the people you would like to honour this holiday season.

Whether it’s someone currently facing cancer...a loved one who has sadly passed away...or even the healthcare heroes and researchers at BC Cancer who work tirelessly to improve outcomes and save lives...your gift will have an enormous impact.

Thank you for your generous giving spirit this holiday season!


Three years have passed since Bonnie Quam was first diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Now cancer-free, she’s determined to use her experience to help others.

“When I was first diagnosed in December of 2019, I was overwhelmed and heartbroken but mainly just scared. During my three-week stay at Vancouver General Hospital, I began my relationship with BC Cancer. After my first consultation with my oncologist Dr. Diego Villa, I had a PET/CT scan and bone marrow biopsy (something I hope to never go through again), many blood tests, other biopsies, a port put in with a catheter to my heart and on and on …

Thanks to the ebullient, affirming, straight-talking and wonderful Dr. Villa — who told me with great certainty from the beginning that he would cure me — I quickly transitioned my thinking. I rethought my horrified mindset about the ‘Big C (cancer)’ and decided to look at it as just a disease.

As someone who always does my research, I decided to look into BC Cancer. A pharmacist friend had already told me they were recognized as being among the best research and treatment centres in the world. I slogged through papers written by BC Cancer experts and my own Dr. Villa and was amazed by BC Cancer’s reputation and status! I knew I was in good hands.

I went through six rounds of chemotherapy. During which I called BC Cancer’s emergency line several times as I navigated fevers and nausea.

I was always treated with respect and kindness. I never felt abandoned, unsupported or like a statistic.

Nor did my family. The BC Cancer nurses patiently taught my husband Parry how to administer the 26 injections to my stomach that were required to deliver an immune-boosting drug. I didn’t think this was something Parry would ever be able to do, but he quickly and confidently rose to the occasion, thanks to the support of BC Cancer staff — who had him practice by poking a needle into an orange.

After treatment, I became very frightened and felt like the ‘monster’ (cancer) was waiting to get me again. I sought help from supportive care services at BC Cancer through a psychologist and took the wonderful course, ‘Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction’ — it was an amazing journey I shared with others who had all faced cancer.

When I had my last meeting with Dr. Villa this past April, and learned that my file would be closed, I initially felt very apprehensive. Dr. Villa told me that if — and he says it’s a very big ‘if’ — I ever have symptoms to contact him and he will help me again. This allowed me to say goodbye, trust that I will be okay and know that if I ever get sick again BC Cancer will be there for me.”


Your message will be shared below shortly after making a donation.

Never give up, there are new developments in treatments & other options

- Arvind Singh
All cancers need to be beaten, we have Hope eternal this will happen. with the amazing research being undertaken.

- Larry & Mimi
Sending hope, courage and love to all those fighting the battle with cancer.

- Sonia Singh
BC has the best medical team to beat cancer, I survived and so can you!

- Ada Lau
For you, sis

- Dominica
I raised this money by baking and selling cookies. My mom had cancer and I want to donate this money towards helping others with cancer too!

- Anonymous
In loving memory of Eric, father, husband and friend.

- Eric Poon
Thank God for all the amazing Doctors & Nurses who work at BC CANCER. Thank you for saving lives everyday! God bless you all!

- This donation is in memory of my Mom who I miss everyday; if we continue to donate, we will one day find a cure for cancer
Eternally grateful to BC Cancer and all the Healthcare Heroes for the best treatment and care provided to me in my darkest days through my fight with cancer.

- Anonymous
Together we can provide support to our loved ones meeting this challenge and to the research efforts to beat the cancers that affect them.

- Kenneth Gisborne
For all our friends that have been affected by cancer

- Elaine Dithurbide, Bob Stewart

- Anonymous
In loving memory of Linda Devlin.

- Terry Honer
For Jenny, Eloise and all the other warrior women

- Anonymous
Never lose hope and stay positive. The right attitude along with the will to fight will get us all through.

- Lisa Kury
Stay strong, stay positive

- Anonymous
In Honor of my friend Eric Poon

- Eric Poon
In honour of my mum and dad

- Eric
From my Pound Posse : sending you strength, love and hope - as a Team we can accomplish the most magnificent things 💜

- Emma Webber
Sending much love and hope to those battling cancer!

- Galaxy Motors
I am a Cancer survivor!

- Theresa Isaac

- Anonymous
About 2 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. My Oncologist was amazing and she put me on a treatment plan with an experimental drug called peinbrolizunals, I may have spelled it wrong. Within that first year, I no longer had cancer

- Muriel C. Thomas
Merry Christmas

- Brian Barnes
In loving memories of Ellen Jamieson

- Bruce & Deborah Calen
May there be a cure for this awful disease some day soon.

- Chris & Dan Durnford
For everyone still fighting the battle and for everyone who is now resting.

- Sam
Thank you for all that you do!

- Christine Merry
Little help from everybody, makes a big difference.

- Rosa
Good bless!

- John Schoenrock
We are all thinking of you and your family during this difficult time

- London Drugs 37
We wish everyone a Merry Merry Christmas and a happy new year full blessings, health, and happiness

- Dalia Amin
Cherish every moment...

- Jim Hood
Proud of the work you do. Thank you.

- Sharon Sakakibara
Good Work!

- BZ
Stay strong!

Thank you for giving us all hope.

- Carolyn Black
Hugs are powerful medicine!

- Rick and Debbie Boyd
I believe in the good work of the researchers & medical professionals!

- Edward L
In memory of Bob Bissell & my Dad Phil Desbiens

- Cecilia Orton
Best wishes for all.

Your to can beat cancer, I did.

- Gwen
in memory of Witold Wacinski

- Teresa i Jan
Our condolences for your loss

- Wei, Cynthia & Family
for my dear husband and others like him.

- colleen
Thanks Manuel Otero for all that you do!

- Jeff Smith
Thank-you so much for the tremendous care given to our dad!

- Al Heinrich's Family
I was going through cancer surgery and treatment myself last Christmas. I am so grateful for all the wonderful care I received and continue to to this day. J. Gagné

- Joanne Gagné
Empathy & kindness will bring u happiness

- Chris Nadalin
God is Great!! The most beautiful Christmas Gift is when I got my gift of Health!!

- Laura & Rob Angco
Carry on the good research

- Ian & Karen Craig
Warm wishes for the holiday!

- Claire Huang
Cherish the moments......they pass to rapidly & never to return.

- Dorothy & Ralph Northrup
Never give up. The world can change in an instant.

- R. Sweetin
As a long-time Cancer Driver for the Freemasons Program (sadly no longer in operation), I have seen the good work that you do. Keep it up!

- Dave Gurd
A donation to remember my mom Patricia McGiffin who lost her battle with cancer

- Jeff Mcgiffin
Never lose hope. May this holiday season bring blessings, miracles of healing, strength, health and recovery.

- M Ong
Wish you love and peace during this difficult time

- Amy Tam
Best Wishes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

- Francis Yong
In memory of Joseph Kai Yau Chan

- Joseph Chan
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Get health soon!

- Yuan
I am so gratful for the work BC Cancer does. Especially for the wonderful front-line nurses and oncology staff.

- Peter Finch
Hoping that one day breast cancer and all cancers will be no more.

- Kim and Roy Hissink

- Anonymous
Together let's beat cancer

- Ruixing
Wishing for a gentle, heart-filling, and peaceful holiday to all

- Chrissy
I hope my donation makes a difference in someone's life.

- Jaythan Mooker Age 8
Dear Judy, Thinking of you during this difficult time.

- Rosa & Mark
let's beat Cancer

- Margaret Reckenberg
for research

- T0y Mee So
Positivity wins!

- Brad and Sol Stevenson
Sending love

- Pamela
Merry Christmas

- Eric Rajala
May we soon see a Christmas with no cancer!

- Michelle Sagert
Keep up the good fight against cancer and give hope to cancer patients!

- John Yu
To everyone who had or is suffering

- Cori Bonina
Sending Love and Prayers

- NancyB
We'll beat this yet!

- Richard Campbell
May the holidays bring hope, comfort and strength to everyone affected by cancer.

- Rita C.
With thanks for the significant efforts of the remarkable people at BC Cancer. It's life-changing to receive the diagnosis, but so comforting to know there are dedicated people who care. It makes all the difference.

- Brenda Clark
The BC Cancer facility is excellent as are the doctors and technicians who work there.

- R. Danaher
Peace, happiness and good health for all!

- The friends of 3KBLADWI
In memory of my darling daughter Rachel

- Christine Eaves
Merry Christmas & God Bless

- Anonymous
The Bells of Hope are ringing loud! And cheerily! And positively! Merry Christmas!

- Daphne Hales
I am ringing the Bell of Hope in gratitude for the care, compassion and expertise that I experienced throughout my healing journey with BC Cancer - thank you from the bottom of my heart!! ❤️

- Elise Heard
There are times of loss yet all the miracles that happen and surprise you give you hope in your work and dedication to your chosen profession.. Thank you for your care.

- The whole team of BC Cancer
Keep fighting

- Pam Hurren
I hope one day soon we will live in a cancer free world.

- SK
With deepest sympathy... Jerry will be missed.

- Soleng and Gina Lee
we will fight and win

- Naina
Thank you all for what you do

- Anna Marshall
In support and love of my dear friend Dianne

- Dorothy Peet
You got this!!! Fight,Fight,Fight

- Sherry Petty
keep going !

- Mario Rivadeneira
Thanks for the wonderful support I have received during my cancer treatment journey from the BC Cancer team in Vancouver.

- Dr Kim Chi
To Beating Cancer

- Eric Stewart
In loving memory.

- Bo Kindree
Wishing you full of happiness in the years to come!

- Betty Yu
thank you for giving our nephew greg zervini a chance

- uncle ray auntie brenda
Hoping that a cure is within reach!

- Irene Conroy
In honour of my Poppy

- Eoghan Farrell
Never give up hope.

- Karen
For my brother

- Linda
in memory of Yacob Gerarld Hollander and in honor of Ingrid Schonnop and family

- Eugene Ari Schwartz
Sending Healing Energy by anyone impacted by Cancer

- Mira Karia
May we conquer Cancer soon!

- Deb Reidlinger
Wish everyone will be in perfect health!

- Anonymous
Never give up, be strong, we fight together!

- Julie Yuen

Please use this donation towards sarcoma research.

- Anonymous
In memory of two special people, Barbie and Rob

- Anonymous
I miss you Grandpa.

- Brittany Gladdish
We have recently lost someone dear to us because of cancer

- Scott
Merry Christmas

- Mary Rooney
In loving memory

- Oliver Bailey Cobb
This donation is in memory of Edward Colley

- Raymond Colley
Praying for your healing and a cure for cancers. Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy new year!

- Eva Gainer
Merry Christmas, bud! I wish you could be here with us.

- Antonio Kolstee
Thank you for the wonderful care that you gave my father!

- Rob M
Merry Christmas

- Nathen, Athina and Cameron
The best gift of all would be an infinite cure

- Gordon Samuel
Happy Holidays

- Riley Syjuco
Always with love, never forgotten.

- Anonymous
Together we can provide support to our loved ones meeting this challenge and to the research efforts to beat the cancers that affect them.

- Kenneth Gisborne
Special people doing amazing things

- WM
Merry Christmas Dad. We miss you.

- Natalie
Never lose hope!

- Kelly
Thank you for everything

- A cancer surviver
Stay strong

- Diana
in honor of my beautiful mother, susan

- Jason Belcher
Wishing you all good health and may you be in peace for 2023.

- Dave Bisset
In honour of my mother dealing with breast cancer

- Allison Dawson
Thank you all for your care, expertise, and dedication. It encourages and supports us all in the face of cancer.

Hope is all I can give!

- William Haight
Hi Linda, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

- Shivawn Kwok
One day, Cancer will be behind us!

- Esther Leung
More cure!

- Connie
Healthy life is a right for all .

- Siamak Rafi-zadeh
In honour of a fellow Landscape Architect

- Donna Rodman
Hope for you and yours!

- Wayne and Jan T
Miss you mom. Love always

- Mary Doreen Whiting
May ALL the creatures of GOD live worry free

- Hamida Batala
May all the loving creatures of GOD live worry free

- Noorbanu and Aziz Batala
Angels Among Us!

- Anonymous
Cancer is ever closer to a cure

- Maria Dibb
Merry Christmas and happy new year dad. I love you always.

- Anonymous
My wfe had cancer, but was cured.

- Reginald Garnett
thaaaanks and keep up the pressure

It's been said a million times before but worth repeating, "F#&^ cancer!"

- Jason Keel
God Bless

- Dinesh Kapoor
For my sister Grace who died of leukemia in 2007

- Robert Laidler
Too many loved one's dying of this disease

- Wendy MacInnes
As a patient and so many of my family affected by this disease, I have hope for future cures to give people life back!

- Jennifer Ng
Car-T treatment worked for me

- Daniel Robson
We have hope as life never ends

- Tammy Cao
I wish you peace and hope.

- Teresa
Fantastic service!

- Robert Quinnell
Judith -- a great lady with a gentle soul.

- Judith Anne Berry (Schafflik)
You are strong and will persevere through this journey. I am here to support you.

- Jayson To
Keep up the good work

- Dara Alasti
Stay positive

- Judith
This donation is in the memory of Pat Montani ...he was "a beauty !! "

- jake
I wish all the best for peace and happiness .

- Val
Thank God for BC Cancer

- Stewart Bethune
Research can only help this terrible disease

- Karen
Never give up if you want to live. Other's will help us in BC

- Anonymous
continue the gift of GIVING

- Leo Chabot
Thank you to all the staff.

- Murphy and Susan Chan
Wishing you all the Best! Hope in the future.

- Chiu
BC Cancer agency not only saved my life did so with compassion, empathy and with expert knowledge. I hope you will continue the amazing work. Thank you!

- Julia
It is always darkest before the dawn.

- Mark Corrado
Please apply thuis to the Volunteer Driver Program

- Mardi Denis
Let's beat it soon!

- Janice
Stay healthy!

- Angus Fu
Too many family and friends have been taken from my life by this insidious disease. BC Cancer Research needs our support now!

- Anonymous
I lost my best friend way to early to Cancer, let's all do what we can to help find a cure.

- Travis Jones
Always try to keep the hope, faith and fighting spirit in the toughest times

- GS Kang
Keep the research strong in Canada and share information Internationally

- Greg Kocher
May cancer be cured

- William Longstaff
To all my paddling friends in Abreast In A Boat and all the doctors and caregivers who have looked after us - with thanks!

- Ysa
This small donation is in memory of my dear wife who died of cancer just oveer two years ago.

- Barry Mackey
Thank you for helping people with cancer

- Rosella McCarthy
Get well in the new year and never loose hope

- Gerd Meuter
Hoping one day soon this cruel disease will eradicated.

- Donna Lorraine Morgan
The power of believing is the key to transforming your hopes and prayers into reality.

- Joyce Navey
In loving memory of Papa, David, Dad and all those who have battled pancreatic cancer.

- Thomas Pool and Katie Frese
In loving memory of Melody Kornelson

- Thomas Pool + Katie Frese
Stay strong

- Anonymous
Her writing and her dedication captured the heart of life.

- Nancy Richler
Thank you for your care and service

- Chui Wa Tsang
May the peace and comfort of Christ be with you

- Johnny
Please find a cure for those who are suffering from this terrible disease

- Victor
God bless

- Kai Cheung
Conquer Cancer

- Barb Kelly
Praying for everyone gets well soon 🙏

- Satwinder Sumal

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