Excellence in Cancer Care, Closer to Home

"At first prognosis, they said I would likely never speak or eat again without a tube... if it wasn't for the advances, support, encouragement and sheer stubbornness on my part, I wouldn't be here."

-Rosalyn Salanguit, patient

British Columbians undergoing treatment for cancer often experience dental problems that must be addressed by an oral oncology expert. People with a broad range of cancers, from head and neck to oral cancer to leukemia, require treatments such as bone marrow transplants, systemic therapies and radiation therapy which have a significant impact for their oral health.

Currently, all cancer patients in Abbotsford with a need for specialized dental care must travel to other BC Cancer locations to receive this essential service.

Although long-distance travel takes a significant emotional and physical toll, many cancer patients still make the journey to access these vital services. As a result, the closest dental clinic at BC Cancer – Surrey is rapidly reaching capacity. This must change.

Building a two-chair dental clinic at BC Cancer – Abbotsford will result in a higher quality of care, closer to home, for patients across the entire Fraser Valley.

With your help, BC CAN deliver the best care.

An investment of $660,000 is needed to create a new dental clinic at BC Cancer Abbotsford. Your generous support will contribute to the health of British Columbians and bring new hope to families affected by cancer.

For more information please contact Rachel Mitchell at 1-877-751-0111 or by email at rmitchell@bccancer.ca.