#ThirstyThursday: The Rhubarb Fizz

Earls Mocktail - Rhubarb Fizz

Thursday, February 21st 

Impress your friends this month with this Earls Restaurant crafted mocktail!



A “froth” forward cocktail with fresh flavours of strawberries, lime and rhubarb. Like a homemade rhubarb pie!



0.75 fl oz Egg Whites

1.5 fl oz Rhubarb Syrup (or seasonal local fruit syrup found in specialty food stores)

1 fl oz Fresh Lime Juice

1 fl oz Water

4 dashes Green Strawberry Bitters

1.5 fl oz Soda Water



1. Pack a Collins glass full of ice

2. In a Cocktail Shaker, measure in the Egg Whites, Rhubarb (or other) Syrup, Lime Juice, Water and 4 dashes of Bitters

3. With no ice added put lid on and shake vigorously for 45 seconds (to maximize foam) until ingredients combined

4. Open lid and pack Cocktail shaker with ice. Put lid back on and shake for another 30 seconds to chill cocktail

5. Open lid and measure in the Soda Water on top of shaken cocktail. Stir gently to mix ingredients. 

6. Strain the cocktail into the Collins glass filled with ice

7. Enjoy!