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Genomics: the Future of Cancer Care!

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Cancer genomes (DNA genetic codes) are as unique as a fingerprint - no two genomes are exactly the same!

That’s why a team of clinicians and scientists at BC Cancer developed a one-of-a-kind program to conduct whole genome sequencing of tumours from patients with hard-to-treat, incurable cancers, in search of personalized solutions.

Whole genome analysis helps inform individual treatment planning, offering promising new solutions and saving lives!

And now BC Cancer is embarking on a bold vision to expand the scope and scale of genomics and transform the standard of care for ALL patients.

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The family of Sylvia Shelton has generously offered to help match donations dollar-for-dollar, up to $500,000, committing a portion of her Estate towards this project. And Thea Caplan and Tony Zwig have stepped forward to extend this opportunity by an additional $750,000!

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This triple-match opportunity is available until October 31st 2021.

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