Track Your Workouts!

You're working hard this month—show off your efforts to your supporters by tracking your workouts publicly on your Personal Page! Here's how:

To enable the tracking component:

  1. Login to your Participant Centre here.

  2. Once you've logged in, select the My Page tab.

  3. From there, select Page Settings from the right hand toolbar. Check the box beside 'Enable Personal Blog', then click Save.

Your tracking log is now enabled!

To begin tracking your workouts:

  1. Click on the 'View Personal Page' link to access your page.

  2. Click on Post a New Topic.

  3. Enter the date of your workout in the 'Subject' field and details in the 'Your Message' field. When complete, click the 'Share Your Workout' button to record it.

  4. Review your post. If you need to make changes, click edit to return to the previous step. If everything looks good, click on the 'Return to the main discussion page' link to return to your Personal Page.

  5. That's it! Your workout has now been published to your Personal Page.

  6. We hope you enjoy tracking your workouts! If you encounter any difficulties or need assistance, please contact us at