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Help support our healthcare heroes and patients at risk.


We have launched the BC Cancer COVID-19 Response Fund to support BC Cancer patients at risk as well as the clinical experts who care for them. Together, we can support patients who are most vulnerable in the face of unprecedented challenges and help innovate life-saving care.

This fund supports emerging priority needs for BC Cancer to address this situation including providing patients with safe transportation to clinical appointments, delivery of life-saving medication to their homes and accommodation near a cancer centre for those who travel for appointments.

Please consider making a gift today to support the BC Cancer COVID-19 Response Fund.

We are the fundraising partner of BC Cancer. Every dollar we raise stays right here at BC Cancer to advance research and enhance care for the people of B.C.

At the BC Cancer Foundation we believe that with your help BC CAN make a difference in the lives of all British Columbians. We know that one in two people in our province will face cancer in their lifetime and we're igniting progress to break down cancer, piece by piece, in the labs and clinics.

By working with people like you, who believe that investments in science and enhancements to care can make a significant difference for British Columbians, we are confident that BC CAN change the outcome for each person facing this disease.

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Notes of Gratitude for our Healthcare Heroes

I just wanna make a little difference in this world by helping others.

- Birpal
Keep up the wonderful work, we all appreciate your efforts.

- Wendy E. Nixon
Thanks for all your brave hard work to help the people of B.C.!

- Nancy
Thank you for all your hard work.

- Lisa Xue
Thank you so much for your care and compassion!!

- Cliff and Wendy Craig
Thank you all for your selfless work!

- Phil Belanger
Bravo! Merci!

- Anne
True Heros

- Ali Elkhalil
In honor of my late husband, Retired Captain Ken Swan. Bless you all!

- Susan Kerr
Please stay safe!

- Grace
Thank you, Farah MacKenzie, for the good phone appointments during this pandemic. Your willingness to listen, before you give further treatment suggestions, is very helpful

- Walter Wessner
Thanks for being there - always!! You are very much appreciated.

- Dianne Griffith
Keep up the great work!

- Greg Sternig
Thank you for being you.

- Saroj
Thank you

- The Walji's
Keep well

- Carol Groening
On Behalf of AVI-SPL Vancouver

- Rory Moran
I was treated for breast cancer in 2016/17. Now I worry about it returning in the absence of direct contact with my doctor. All medical personell are so good and reassuring to cancer patients. People in treatment must feel terrified. Hope this helps.

- Susan Brison
Thank you 1st Responders!!!!!!

- Da 5
Thank you so much for all you do!

- Val Hemingway
Thank You!!!

- Rick Nykorak
Thank you for all your wonderful efforts in helping to combat this dreadful virus

- Colin and Eileen Brown
You all are our heroes! Thank the from the bottom of my heart!

- Jagtar Singh Sangha
Thank you health care workers, you are my heros

- Ronald Zhang
Thank you for all your work

- Janet Carrigan
Thank you for your commitment and empathy.

- Mae
Wish you all the best for those out there fighting this terrible disease, get well soon,God bless!

- Simhadri Manabala
Glad to donate for good cause

- Mona Matta
Keep up the great work!!

- Ron P.
In living memory of Marjorie Wood

- Shauna Brunn
In Memory of John Hqydock

- Beverley Haydock
Endless thanks to the Healthcare Heroes!!!!

- Cory Toomey
Bless you for your continuing work to help those who suffer from cancers even in this time of Covid-19.

- Bev
Thank you for all your hard work.

- Arlene Alexander
Thank You! You are So Appreciated!

- Margaret Watts
You are doing a courageous and so meaningful job

- Jessie Mantle
You provide hope and lift spirits. Good for you for being angels to those in distress!

- Diana Millen
Thank you for your dedication and courage.

- The Mitchell Family
I want to express heartfelt thanks to all!

- Brenda
Thank you and stay strong

- Edmond
Thank you for your kindness!

- Dal
Thank you.

- Colleen
Thank you for all your tireless efforts & caring that you do for cancer patients.

- Rosita
for Sabine Yep's functional fitness classes on line. Sabine does not want to be paid. Instead donations for cancer.

- Muirlel

- Eileen Au
So, so grateful. Thank-you.

- Desiree
Thank-you for your tireless efforts in taking care of us!

- Judith Bowles
Thank you for all what you have done. Wishing you all well and healthy.

- Kit Lin Chan
Keep up the good work, folks. Thank you!

- Lillian
Thank-you for all you do for Cancer Patients.

- Wendy Craig
Be safe!

- James Ellard
Thank you to all for your continued devoted work! I will never stop being grateful!

- Molly
To all BC Cancer Healthcare HEROES - thank you - for the work you do every day for cancer patients and their families. I'm donating in honour of, and to remember, my mom who passed away July 31, 2019.

- Tannis Hendriks
You Really Make A Difference In People's Lives. Thank You!

- John McNamee
Unstoppable warriors!

- Diane Muir
Stay Safe & Keep Up the Good Work

- Patrick
A big THANK YOU for all you do!

- Bonnie-Lynne Nelligan
Very important and loving people.

- Bob Quinnell
Thank you for your amazing work and dedication tending to the needs of others.

- Lynda Reeds
Thank you for all your hard work.

- Gail
God Bless You

- Stuart and Linda Sapinsky
Thank you to all of you who tirelessly work every day to keep us all safe. Always in my prayers

- Alberta Spencer
As my Grand dad would say (Saints presevre us) for all the good works

- Hazel Stienson
Work safe! We need you!

- Connie
Take care of yourselves. We need you.

- irene
Thank you for managing cancer during the COVID pandemic

- Ken Wilson MD
So much gratitude for your commitment to continue showing up and saving lives, one day at a time....in the face of significant risk. You are super heroes to me. Thank you!!

- Lisa
Thank you!

- Janet
As an ex - cancer patient Thank you

- Tony
Thank you for the continuous care each & every time we seek your help & care.

- Colleen Brennen
Cancer is such a terrible disease, as you know. Thankyou for your work during this time of increased risk!

- F Pickett
my appreciation to all the KGH nurses, physicians, and support workers - you are the best !!

- Ron Sheel
Thank you from my heart. We owe you our lives.❤️

- Anita S
With two immediate family members with cancer, we have appreciated the care and accessibility of the Vancouver Cancer Clinic.

- Leanor Vlug
Please keep up your good work

- winnie
Thank you for all your kind and selfless devotion at the COVID time

- Anonymous
You guys are amazing!!! Thank you for being there for us!!

- Cheryl Sauve
No words of thanks are enough to show our gratitude for the work of BC Cancer staff to help those in their time of need, every day and during these unprecedented times.

- Bhatnagar Family
Thanks to ALL the front line staff and workers-your time and dedication is MOST appreciated :-)

- Anonymous
You are doing incredible work. Never forget how important you are to the lives of so many.

- Ally
Thank you for your every effort for those vulnerable people and devotion to Cancer Research.

- Anonymous
Respect and love. Thank you.

- Himani
Thank you to all BC Cancer healthcare heroes for all your care for the patients.

- Richard Low
Thank You!!!

- Rick Nykorak
Mom and family

- Catherine
In lieu of my donation supporting via the Dragon Boat community.

- Bonnie
I wish I could give more as I know cancer covid 19 workers are also at risk.

- William Stone
Thank You

- Graham Blakeney
A huge thank you to all of our health care workers. You are showing your love for others less fortunate.

- Ren Morley
Stay Strong BC

- Anonymous
Thank you for being there!!!

- Trynco Timmer
On behalf of Brian Yamanaka and Jason Lamontagne who each ran 23Km in support of cancer research.

- Anders Westby
While we navigate these very difficult and uncertain times we appreciate all ou do very much, thank you doesn't seem enough but know you are very special for all you do, stay safe and well.

- Tina Harrod
You are making a difference in the lives of so many British Columbians. Thank you.

- Margaret Keith
When the feeling of being overwhelmed comes over you, and I'm sure it does every day, please know that you are so appreciated and also your families are as well. They're also making it possible for you to care for us and get us through this crisis.

- Wendy Tuttle
I am grateful for the excellent care received at the BCCA, and happy to help others in need.

- Ralph McGreevy
Thank you for making me part of this campaign

- Perminder Chohan
Thank you for taking care of my Grammy and Papa, who both are in cancer treatment right now.

- Aida
Thank you for being heroes!

- Anonymous
Greatly appreciate your dedication and hardwork.

- Kelvin Chu
Thank you for everything you are doing!

- The Future Spencers
My deepest sympathy to Joe's family and friends. Joe was a prince of a man.

- Barbara Walker
Many thanks to you all for your dedicated work during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Trying times indeed! Your care and compassion for your patients is very much appreciated. Thank You

- Diane D. Preston
You were heroes in My time of need and now you are super heroes.

- Anonymous
Keep up the good work! Absolutely appreciated!!

- Anthony Ko
May God bless you all and keep you safe for all the good works you are doing. You are all so much appreciated. Thank you.

- Ms. Linda J. MacDonald
12 years ago I was diagnosed Stage IV adenocarcinoma of the colon with metastases to the liver. I am still here, to say to all Health Care Workers: Thank you.

- Nicolas Maftei
Thank you

- Josephine
A HUGE THANK YOU, to everyone working in the health department anywhere right now.

- Don& Chris Sparrey
My mum Bimla

- Aman and Gurdip
Thank You from a cancer survivor!!!

- Francine Barrie
I am getting treatment at you Vancouver Centre. Most grateful for the excellent work and dedication of all involved.

- Stan Choi
Stay save and happy

- FJ
Thank you so much for going above and beyond!

- Nora Langthorne
Thank you for all your effort and carings at this difficult time !

- Pat Ngan
Patients, families and the community are forever in your debt. Thank you!

- Anne P Stobart
You all rock !!!!!

- Shelley Mills
Your caring, kindness, skills and bravery are truly appreciated. Thank you.

- Barbara Murphy
Thank you for your tireless work!

- Karine
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you are doing to fight this pandemic. You are the heroes in this war.

- Joanne
Thank You so much for the wonderful work. It means so much.

- Robert and Janet
Thank you to all BC Cancer!! but especially in times like these. You are heroes.

- Jackie Clabon
I miss working with you as a volunter!!!

- Laird E Lockwood
You give us hope! Thank you for everything you're doing.

- Anonymous
Heartfelt appreciation for your dedication.

Thank you for your continues support and love during these difficult times.

- Monique Paassen
Let's get thru this together

- Marijke
Thank you for your tireless efforts!

- Peter Sung
Keep well.

- Christina Arlington
We were honoured to be Albert's friend.

- D & L Brown
Thank you so much

- Thamara
Thank you for your compassion and care.

- Marla Eist
thank you so much for all your hard work.

- Elizabeth Emeterio
We appreciate the critical work you are doing.

- Keith
A hearltfelt thanks for all that you do to keep us safe!

- Vince and Joann Lok
Thanks for putting yourselves at risk to keep the rest of us safe.

- Diane M.
Thank you very much for all you do...not just now, but always.

- Bob & Lois
Thank you to all of our essential service workers throughout BC and Canada.

- Liz Olkovick
Thank you very much for working so hard to save life.

- Dickie Orr
All B.C. Cancer staff and volunteers are heroes, not just in the COVID-19 pandemic, but year in, year out. Thank you.

- Clive Timms
BC Cancer Healthcare Heroes - thank you for everything you do in this difficult time.

- Murray
Thank you for all the work you're doing and caring for others!

- Diane Winram
thank you for helping everyone!

- Susie K Wong
You are the angels in real life, thank you so much for putting others' safety above yourselves, may God protect you all the time!

- Shu Ping Zhou
Thank you for your selfless courage and commitmen.t

- Kathleen Kwong
keep up with the good work! Many thanks.

- Anna
We appreciate all the support we receive. Thank you.

- Marjorie Brown
Keep up the good work.

- John R
Our thoughts are with you, reach out if you need anything.

- Rob Eaves
Huge gratitude for all the work you do to care for our patients!

- Ursula Lee
Thank you for all that you do, and the extraordinary efforts you are making in this extremely difficult time.

- Claudette
Thank You for your Dedication to your Patients. All of you are Heroes.

- Wendy
Keep up the GREAT WORK

- Mark Clark
Thank you for your tireless efforts and commitment to providing cancer care during this pandemic. As a former patient, I know how important continuing treatment would be and how frustrated I would be, if it discontinued. Thanks again for your courage!

- Fatima
Thank You!!!

- Rick Nykorak
Thank you BC Cancer Pathologists, Chemo group, Radiation group, and especially Dr. Sophie Sun, for your expertise and care!

- Joscelyn Baker
God Bless you all and keep you safe! Thanks for all that you do.

- Helen Beltramello
Thank you for caring for my father who just entered palliative care in St. Jerome Quebec. I am in Vancouver BC and cannot be with him due to Covid 19.

- Sandra Bennett
Thank your for all your dedication and hard work, you guys are keeping us all a float.

- Paola Espinoza
As always. They are putting others ahead of themselves...Truly stars.

- Norma
Thank you for all you do

- Heide
I'm so grateful that you were there for me in 2004 and 2009, and so impressed with you all now, continuing to look after those in need under very difficult circumstances.

- Dawne
Thank you all for your endless hard work!

- Penny Hamilton
Thank everyone who works to make other's lives better.

- Linda
Keep up the priceless work

- Amit
Thank you so much for all you do!

- Val Hemingway
Thank you to everyone, its not easy being a super hero!

- Anonyomous
Thank you for your courageous and untiring efforts in helping the patients! Please take good care !

- Kam Ip
Although my husband has passed, the people at BC Cancer we wonderful throughout our journey. Many thanks.

- Nancy Jones
As a BC Cancer Agency patient I am happy to contribute to all the Agency & Foundation do for us! I'm just so grateful that this year I don't have to go through treatments during this very trying time.

- Freida Koplowicz
Thank you for all your hard work. xx

- Anonyomous
Thanks to all Healthcare Heroes and everyone in our society who is out there helping us all to get through this trying time!!

- Bob and Carol
from my late wife Dr.Anita Singh Narwal to all her Healthcare Heros.

Thank you for being there for all of us!

- Valerie Oglov
Those health care people are human Angel's. Thanx much

- Henriette
Thank you to the BC Cancer staff!

- Rob Ringwald
Thank you to BC Cancer staff for their dedication and compassionate care.

- Sylvia Roberts
Your efforts are greatly appreciated! Keep up the fight!

- Douglas Romilly
Thank you

- Sam salkeld
Happy to support your important work through these especially difficult times. Although currently unemployed as a result of the COVID crisis, I would still like to respond to Kim's plea.

- John Schwenk
Thank you to all medical heroes, now and forever.

- Margaret
Dr. Feng and My Wife Jean, lost to a Malignant Sarcoma

- Stuart Swain
Thank you BC Cancer Health Care workres , we could not get along with out your tireless healing.

- Ed Voroney
Your dedication to helping others, especially during this time, ripples out into the world spreading so much love and gratitude. What beautiful gifts each act of selflessness can provide. Thank you for being you! Much love!

- C&C Walashek
Thank you very, very much for for your dedication working tirelessly. God Bless You Every One of You. Stay Healthy & Safe!

- Margaret Yee
Keep Calm. Carry On!

- Liz Zaozirny
A big THANK YOU to the frontline Heroes

- Agnes
Thank you for all you do to support BC's cancer patients

- Shannon von Richter
much love and respect for all you do!

- selina
I just wanted to say that despite a loss of income and an uncertain future I remain committed to supporting this cause. My contributions will keep coming.

- Peter
My cousin is currently in Vancouver getting stem cell treatment and then harsh round of chemo again. It makes me very happy to know that there are wonderful people out there working together. To do the best you can to keep people safe and healthy. :) Than

- Jennifer
Your dedication and resilience are an inspiration. When times are tough and you're feeling low, please remember that these qualities are part of who you are. Integral. Inescapable. They will see you through and we are forever grateful. Thank you all!

- Susan
Thank you to all the BC Cancer Healthcare Heroes who provide an invaluable service caring for patients and their families during very challenging and emotional times.

- Don Gamble
Your outstanding work will always be appreciated - thank you

- Ray
Thank you for continuing to look after the needs of cancer patients.

- Barbara
Thank you for helping so many people!

- Karol
Thank you for all the support you are giving my sister. Much love to you all!

- Allison Grimwood
Carry On and sit when you can.

- Anne
thanks a lot , great effort and dedication

- Jaap Mater
You are all in my prayers every day at 7pm. I wish I could do more to help.

- Anonyomous
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Leslie
Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

- olga skrinnikoff
My mom, Sharon, battling cancer.

- Courtney Clarke
Thanks to all BC Cancer staff in this difficult time

- Pulak
Bette and Katherine

- Nancy
Thank you for all your hard work . heart emoji

- Richard Wiebe
Thank you for the tremendous work all of you do during this very difficult time.

- Debbie
thanks for being there

- bent christiansen
You are heroes

- Mary Grimwood
You're wonderful. I don't know you or see you but I really appreciate everything you're doing. Many of you are putting your lives at risk. Very many thanks. doing.

- Ian
Please know that your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you for being here for all the cancer patients and their families.

- Sandy Hodel
Thank you for your dedication to Canada and British Columbia and the whole world. You are awesome. God Bless you all!!!

- Rota
Thank you for everything you do!!

- Ranoo Jaswal
We salute our Heroes for keeping us all safe and healthy and we pray for you and your families to stay safe too too

- Anil Jiwa
Diagnosed Stage IV Adenocarcinoma of the colon metastatic to the liver in 2007, I am still here 13 years later !!

- Nicolas Maftei
Be very much encouraged and fully supported!

- Henry Numan
Thank you for your valuable work now and always!

- Anonyomous
Thank you for all your dedication - you are truly heroes. I will stay home for as long as it takes so that I don't have to land on your doorstep. It is a small price to pay and I hope others do the same.

- Sharon S
Thank you for all you do!!!

- cheryl Thorsteinson
Your tireless efforts will never be forgotten.

- John & Susan Voros
Stay Safe

- Michael Webb
Thank you for helping all the Cancer Patients, including me May god Bless you all

- Luzviminda Whittick
Thank you for being there for us!

- Ronald Wayne Ash
Thank you for your great work!

- Ginny L Beal
You're all heroes. Keep up the good work

- Phil B.
There is no thank you great enough for those working the front line!

- Janet Brooks

- Amir Chaudhri
Thank you for all your care and support for everyone at this time!

- May Cheng
Stay home stay safe and thx for working for us during this critical time

- Ada Choi
It's not that much, but I always think about people who need some help 🤲💕

- Farhad Djabarkhel
Thank you for your incredible efforts!

- Nancy Furrer
Keep up the good work. You are providing such important service to those in need.

- Julia
You are Hero's! Thank you.

- Donna Grapko
Thank you to all. We would be lost without your expertise and wonderful care.

- Alan Grimes
Heroes you are indeed.........we love you dearly!

- Renato Guglielmotti
Thank you to all Healthcare Heroes!

- Lumi
You are all truly fantastic. We appreciate all the hard work & sacrifice. You are doing an amazing job!

- Pete
Thanks for your hard work

- Joel Harrison
thank you and bless you all for your efforts

- Peter Hartlieb
Keep up the great work - you make *such* a difference!

- Andy
You are brave, you are warriors, you are heroes. Much love to you all.

- Patricia
Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice and love!!!! It's so appreciated - we can't even say thank you enough. God's richest blessings to you all!!!

- Chantal
I truly appreciate what you do every day during the call dad 19 pandemic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

- Marguerite Hunt
The BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver was wonderful in helping me with my cancer a few years ago. Our thanks, respect, and admiration goes out to all the staff who are doing so much to help cancer patients in these trying times.

- Rob and Chris
My Deepest Thanks! Take care, stay safe & healthy.

- Janet Kett
Please keep going! We need you.

- Arlene
Thank you so much BC Cancer Healthcare Heroes for working tirelessly for the health of those who need you!! Thank you for your families for supporting you as well!! God bless you and your family! Take care and stay safe!!

- Evelyn
Thank you Dr David Sanford for taking care of Janet

- Theresa Ko
Thank you Dr Nicole Chau

- Theresa Ko
Keep up the good work and hope you all get a well deserved rest when this is over.

- Ben Kozakewich

Thank you for all your hard work. We feel safe because we are in your hands.

- Dipti
Please take good care of yourself so you can take care of the sick or needed ones.

- Calina Lam
Thank you so much for your hard work through the years, and during these crazy times!

- Nicole L
Thank you SO much to all the frontline workers!

- Judith Gisa Laslo
You are all Heroes, take good care of yourselves and Thank You!

- Rhonda Leggo
Hope this awful Covid-19 is done soon! Thank you all staffs in hospital!

- Ching Ka Leung
Thank you for your courageous work. Keep safe!

- Lynn
Thank you all for your efforts and dedication during this incredibly challenging and unprecedented time. Please know that your community supports you and thanks you for all that you do not only now but throughout the year even during more normal times.

- Derek Miller
Jordan Burke

- Caleigh Minshall
"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." Thank you.

- Ju Lo
Thank you so much for all you do.

- Barb Peters
As a cancer survivor I know how the BCCA staff make all the difference. I can't imagine what it is like for people going through treatment at the time. You are holding people together. Thank you.

- Ellen
Thank you for the opportunity

- Navneet Rondeau
Thank you. You are truly amazing people. Stay safe and be at peace.

- Sharon Sakakibara
Stay strong!

- Delainey
Hope this help a bit, sorry I couldn't donate more, hoping for the beat

- Jacqueline Speer
Thank you for everything you do for so many.

- Scott Stone
Eternally grateful--THANK YOU.

- Stanley Taviss
Stay safe

- Allan T Thiel
Thank you for not giving up on your most important work! May you be able to continue supporting your patients and finding cures.

- Anonyomous
Thank you for continuing to provide care and support through this difficult time.

- Karen Van Rheenen
I pray for you to continue to have the courage, strength and health to help those who are vulnerable.

- Eva Villeneuve
Knock the hell out of both diseases!

- James Wart
Many thanks for all you do. We really appreciate it.

- Margery Wilke
Thank you for everything, real heroes in real life

- Li Tu Yang
Thank you for your great care of myself and others currently in treatment for cancer.

- casandra a banman
thank you for all the good work you do to make our lives better

- Christine
Thanks you for all you do. Stay healthy.

- Judy Schick
Thank you for your commitment, care and dedication to all the individuals affected by cancer. We sincerely appreciate you!

- Veronica Ho
Keep up your excellent care and support to patients in this difficult times. All of your former colleagues and friends from work offer our support and encouragement!

- Dr. David Klaassen
Thank you!!

- Rowena
Carroll Lum

- Gwen Settle
Thank you for everything you do!

- Linda
Thank you so much

- Brad and Karen Goertz
What would we do without you people? Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Dave Haluk
Thank you for all you do for cancer victims - my heart says thanks

- Pat
Praying for you. Thank you!!❤️

- Joanne
The nurses and doctors at FVCC

- Juliette Pasternak
For all of our loved ones stay strong

- TB Vets Charitable Foundation
Thank you

- Pat & Gary
Bless your hearts Jesus be with you all.

- Terry Hartwick
Karen and Haisley

- Herman
You folks are the BEST. Thank you for all you do everyday.

- Darryl Roy Owens
Thank you so much for your help and support to those in need :-)

- Pauline
Thank you from the bottom of my heart! May God continue to watch over you :)

- Sharon
Thanks to all our healthcare workers - you are doing an amazing job - we will win!!

- Jeanne
I miss coming in to Volunteer and think of the Heroes at the centre daily. My prayers are with you and the patients.

- Carey
Joanne Chayko

- Janice McNutt
Thank you for your continued commitment. You are all remarkable! We will stay home so you can continue caring. Thank you!

- Jan New
BC Cancer staff are awesome. Hat's off to those in Vancouver.

- Barbara Sirett
The amazing doctors and staff who helped my mom thru it all

- Helen T
A big THANK YOU to all the Healthcare Heroes. Your service to others is priceless!

- Laura Wilson
Take care all. You deserve everything we can give you

- David Alexander
Thank you for all you are doing for cancer patients in this very difficult time. Stay safe and well.

- M C
It is hard times. Please help.

- Manjit Dhillon
So many thanks to you all for your courage, dedication, professionalism and caring. We are in awe of your commitment and grace under such pressure. All our love and gratitude to you.

- Katherine and Kit
Bless you for all that you do.

- Nancy Forrest
In this family, no one fights alone. NHL Awareness.

- Angel Santos
A drop in the ocean - please accept

- Kiran Veerapen
On behalf of my entire family - thank you!

- Charlene
In loving memory of the best Grandma ever.

- Kyla Benz
Thanks for all the tendering cares.

- Jenny Tsou
Thanks very much.

- Kwan Chiang
Thanks Heroes for your precious gift assisting, caring and supporting our loved ones.

- Jennifer Hicks
A BIG thanks to all you Healthcare Heroes who are working so hard to keep everyone safe and comfortable at the expense of your own health.

- Al and Dee
So thankful for your steadfast approach as my husband is one of your cancer patients

- Sonya Emperingham
Our thanks for your work, best to you and your families.

- Elaine Fleming and Scott Mathers
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication especially at these very trying times.

- Jim And Joy McConnell
Many Thanks for your dedication and courage.

- Patricia T
Thank you for providing these important services to cancer patients.

- Janet Warren
Thank you so much for all you do today and everyday. You are all exceptional in everyway.

- Lynda and Murray Farmer
I'm sorry I can't be more. Thank you for making a difference.

- Helen Whitehead
Please know how much we appreciate your dedication!!

- Denise
My Dad!

- Stefanie
Thank you for everything you do for people living with their cancer and their families.

- Debbie Mills
Thank you for all the support and hard work you provide to the people who have cancer!

- Adie Smith
Thank you so much for your sacrificial & caring commitment to help and walk alongside with those who suffer. We are truly thankful and so proud of you all.

- K Y
You are heroes!

- Xiao Bu Lin
Stay strong in these trying times. Your efforts are much appreciated!

- Bob S.
Leslie McAvity

- Roberta
Robert H. Lee

- Steven G Wong
Thank you BC Cancer medical and research teams for everything you’re doing to save lives and keep patients safe! We’re all standing behind you during this crisis.
- Alexis
Thank you BC Cancer for your extra hard work and dedication to patient care during these challenging times.
- Patrick
Our BC Cancer clinicians are healthcare heroes. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and compassion for patients at such a challenging time!
- Shawn
Everyone at BC Cancer, you're amazing, and on behalf of every family receiving care and support right now - please know we are so so grateful!
- Milly
As someone who works directly with the clinicians and caregivers at BC Cancer - Abbotsford I am so fortunate to hear the heartwarming stories about the quality of care provided in a time when it is needed most.
- Rachel