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This past year, many patients have marked milestones in their cancer treatment by ringing the “Bell of Hope” at BC Cancer centres across the province a symbolic gesture to recognize what they have been through as they embark on their next step.

It is also a moment to celebrate the many family, friends and healthcare heroes who support and care for BC Cancer patients.

Of course, many cancer stories end differently: not with a bell-ringing celebration, but with a family left in sadness and grief.

When you make your donation today, please keep in your heart the people you would like to honour this holiday season.

Whether it’s someone currently facing cancer...a loved one who has sadly passed away...or even the healthcare heroes and researchers at BC Cancer who work tirelessly to improve outcomes and save lives...your gift will have an enormous impact.

Thank you for your generous giving spirit this holiday season!


Jackie Ellis was 39 when she started to have trouble breathing. She went to a clinic, expecting a diagnosis of pneumonia. What she did not expect was discovering her arteries were being squeezed closed by golf-ball-sized tumours.

It was surreal. She felt like she was outside of her body, looking down, thinking, “How could this possibly be? I’m healthy. I’m an athlete. I’m Jackie.”

She was scared beyond her wildest dreams.

Jackie was quickly diagnosed with Primary Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, and started her first round of chemotherapy within days of hearing she had cancer.

On many anxious nights in her room at BC Cancer, Jackie would look across the street to the L.J. Blackmore Cancer Research Centre, home to BC Cancer’s research enterprise. It was her beacon of hope.

She hoped that some curious, brilliant, and dedicated scientists would find a way to save her life.

Jackie was told she had a 60% chance that the standard treatment for her cancer would work... which meant there was a 40% chance that it wouldn’t. So when her doctor told her about an opportunity to take part in a clinical trial she leapt at the opportunity. Knowing that world-leading research was focused on developing new treatments gave her even more reason to hope.

Four months later when a negative PET/CT scan revealed that Jackie’s treatment was working, it was the greatest moment of her life. She continued with several more rounds of chemotherapy after being told she was cancer-free. Several years later, she continues to be healthy and eternally grateful for the care she received at BC Cancer.

Many patients mark milestones in their cancer treatment by ringing the Bell of Hope at BC Cancer centres across the province a symbolic gesture to recognize what they have been through and embark on their next step.

Jackie is ringing her Bell of Hope this holiday season to celebrate the team she credits with giving her hope and saving her life: clinicians and scientists, her loved ones and BC Cancer Foundation donors like you.


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Kick Cancer's butt. You got this!!!

- Anonymous
In support of cancer research and care

- Anonymous
Don't give up!!

- Anonymous
In memory of Lisa, Steve and Kathleen.

- Catherine
One year cancer free, thanks to all staff in Prince George.

- David Silver
BC has the best medical team to beat cancer, I survived and so can you!

- Ada Lau

- Janice

- John H Kennedy
No gift can be more than a token of appreciation for the wonderful care I've received, with special thanks to the Nanaimo Cancer Clinic nurses.

- Judy Wilson

- Lloyd Shih
We wish everyone all the best of luck!

- PW Leadership

- Sherri Farthing

- Airex Systems Ltd David Gill
I pray for the elimination of cancer

- Angela
Merry Christmas and lots of love in 2022!

- Ann Coombs
Thank you Diamond Family

- Anonymous
Sending Hope & Support!

- Anonymous
Thank you for your good work

- Anonymous
Together let us be compassionate and work towards conquering cancer~ for everyone who has suffered and been affected xo

- Anonymous

- Art Heppner

- Barbara Gelfant

- Barbara Yandel
In memory of our friend Akira Osawa.

- Bennett and Francis
In loving memory of Juliet R. Hii, mother, wife, sister, friend.

- Bernadette Hii
Miss you Mom

- Bernice Edwards

- Brynna Colvin
Thank you so much to the fantastic team at BC Cancer Agency! Your care for patients have been amazing!

- D. Jang
In Memory of Lea Crompton

- EA HOT Girls
We are stronger together!

- Fiona

- Gerald Leong

- Hans Alexander Fruhbrodt

- Hing Chuen Wun
Hoping for cures and comfort for all humankind

- In honour of Govind Sundram
Stay Positive for the Future

- Isabella Leung

- Jason Weinstein

- John W. May
In Memory of my Dad

- John Wood
In memory of my mom Mai Thi Dung. And thank you to the wonderful doctors who have helped her!

- K. Nguyễn
In memory of those we have lost and those who are still fighting the fight.

- LK

- Lorna Munroe

- Lynda Farmer, Board Member, BC Cancer Foundation

- Marcia Harrison

- Mrs. Trieu

- Nancy Hiebert
In memory of my Grandma Kerrigan, Jim Echols, and to honour my Baba who is fighting cancer.

- Orion Lamb
Merry Christmas 🤶

- Peace

- Peter Ryan

In memory of our friend Jeff L.

- Rob and Karen

- Robyn M Freiheit
Miss You

- Sophia Mar
In the memory of grandma

- Sophie Lam

- Stirling Foster

- Thomas Knight
Please pray for my aunt!

- Anonymous
Would like to participate in helping others

- Anonymous
Thanks to the Diamonds for doing this. Special Family

For family suffering with cancer

- Bob and Dora

- Brenda Neveu

- Chong Ze Teh
In this difficult time we need to look out for each other

- Danfoss Couriers

- Debi L Blaney
One day soon we will end Cancer!

- Deidre and Jason Weinstein

- dr. susan a. de guzman inc.
A very worthwhile donation!

- Grant
Thank you for your hard work, kindness, hope and support

- Heidi Pullem
Thank you 🙏

- Jill Lorimer
In Honour of Joyce Leung

- Joyce Leung

- Kathy Bootle

- Kathy Leverton

- Kathy Park

- Kenny Lai

- Lawrence Halparin

- Linda Civkin
There is a Hope for everyone as the research keep advancing

- Maria C.
Niki, Merry Christmas my friend! In memory of your Mom.

- Marnie

- Michele D Jager

- Patrick D. Meehan
For Molly's dad - keep fighting the fight!!!

- Ricks

- Roger Breitenstein

- Sophie Christina Lui

- steve boden

- Sui Lin LAM

- sun fat wong
Best Wishes for Everyone!! ;)

- Sunny Ting

- Teri B Russell


- Val Smith
Please put more emphasis on the prevention of cancer, so we won't have to have so many suffer with the treatments.

- Vanette Leck
Thinking of my mother who we lost from cancer late last year

- Vicki M Bathurst, daughter

- Virginia Lee

- Wendy Fung

- Akira & Ursula Ikegami

- Aleksandra Brzozowski

- Alex and Hanna

- Alex Cheung
HOPE : BELIEVE : TRUST :LIVE each moment!

- All doctors, nurses, scientists, and care givers

- Allan Ralph Roger

- Andrea Rempel

- Angela Jorge
Thank you very much to the Cancer Foundation and Agency for assuming my cancer treatment, and making me the healthy survivor I am today.

- Anonymous
In appreciation of the wonderful nurses at the Richmond Hospital Cancer Clinic

- Anonymous
Thank you to all

- Anonymous
One day soon we will have a cure

- Anonymous
Thank you so much for all that you do!

- Anonymous
Thank you to an absolutely wonderful team at BC Cancer Centre Victoria

- Anonymous
In recognition of the excellent care provided to my wife in Victoria

- Anonymous
Appreciate all you do.

- Anonymous
Blessing to all cancer children in the hospital. Heal them and have a spirit of Christmas

- Anonymous
When people mix science with hope, miracles can happen. Healthiness for everyone!

- Anonymous
Thank you BC Cancer for saving my life

- Anonymous
Stay Strong and Love sent your way

- Anonymous
So thankful our mom/gramma is still with us.

- Ashlee & Navya
Cancer cure is within reach

- Ashraf Surani

- Austin Henneberry Sr.
For those we have lost, and for those we are fighting for.

- B & L Fines

- Barbara Lindsay

- Betty Tsang

- Blair Williams Hunter
keep fighting, the battle isn't won!

- Bryan & Glennis White
Tomorrow Will Always Be Better!

- Calina Lam
Hoping this gift will help make the gift of life real for someone in the future.

- Carrol and Gordon Duke

- Charles WF Wong
We must fight and stop this curse which robs us of our loved ones.

- Chris, Ellen, Tom and so many more

- Christine Adams
we greatly appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much.

- christopher barton

- Colin Barr
Keep up Your Good Work! Wish your colleagues have a safe & healthy Year of 2022!

- Conrad Chung
Fight, fight, fight!

- Courtney Klassen
Keep up the good work!

- Cynthia Cruz
F**k cancer!!

- Danika G.

- Danny To

- Darlene Jackson
Wishing everyone love & laughter!

- Darren & Sharlene Mcilwain

- Darryl Draeger

- Dave Ungless

- David Smith

- Diana

- Diane Adkins
Courage; square your shoulders & buck up! - HOPE ALWAYS: - Trust: in the Medical Teams caring for you. We donate to support the bright Researchers looking for those ah-ha scientific breakthrough moments to positively affect our lives!

- Diane Gradler
Heartbreaking so many folks still battling cancer in its many forms

- Dianne
Thank you

- Doug Cornelson
Thank you for matching my gift

- Edward Hillary

- Elizabeth & Salim Hameer

- Eric

- Erica MacMaster
Support Cancer research- protect your family

- Evelyn McNee
Thank you on behalf of the Fairway Gorge Paddling Club's annual Wetdashe campaign for men's health

- Fairway Gorge Paddling Club

- Frank A Marcheluzzo
With hope we shall conquer

- Fulvia De Souza

- Glenn & Vicki Whiteley

- Gordon + Judy Craig

- Grace Halvorson

- Hank Poelvoorde

- Hannah Ma

- harry venselaar
We miss you

- Heather Dreger

- Heike von Borstel

- Henry SL Lee
Thank you for the care and support you offer to me and all my loved ones who are battling cancer. ❤️

- Jacklyn Loder

- Jane Phillips

- Jean

- Jennifer Leigh
Lots of Love --

- Jennifer Moss

- Jerrold Vernon

- Jim Dyson

- Joan M McKey
Thank you BC Cancer for helping us get through a difficult time!

- Joanne and Robert Bedard
Thank you BC Cancer for helping us get through a difficult time!

- Joanne and Robert Bedard

- Joel Johnston

- John Middelaer

- Judith Daughney

- Judy Crane

- Karen Ng

- Karin Touhey

- katharine wigzell

- Keith land

- Kim Adkin

- Kuang Yu Liu
All cancers need to be beaten, we have Hope eternal this will happen. with the amazing research being undertaken.

- Larry & Mimi

- Larry Carlson


- Leila

- Lianne Kramchynski

- Lina Horan

- Madeleine Lott

- Margot B Newton

- Martha Gail Dawes
Thank you Diamond Family

- Marty Dohm

- Mary Ann Potts
The care given by the BC Cancer Agency is truly amazing! Thank you!

- Mary Lois Alford and Deb Irving

- Maryanne MacNeil
To Tom

- Michael Shawn MacInnes

- Mike Harper

- Mike Jesko
Cancer isn't the only thing that affects us all; hope affects us all too. We choose hope!

- Miranda Lam & Michael Johnson
thank you for my son's life

- Mom
Blessings for a Peaceful Year to All

- My Friends

- Nadine Nicholas

- Nancy Sartene
Wife died of cancer in 2020

- Nancy Stritychuk

- Natalia Titova

In honour of dear friend Rebecca, who cares for a flock that extends far beyond her four boys!

- Nicky Calvert
Seth - who is a dedicated husband & father, and a good friend to many

- Nicky Calvert
Working Together Cancer will be beaten!

- PacWest Medical Inc.

- Patricia Kostuk

- Patricia Lyons

- Patrick Murray

- Peter Woods

- Pieter Timmermans

- Pui Luen Chow

- Ralph B Gorby
hope & light

- Remembering Dani
Lets beat this!

- Rick Maysenhoelder
goodbye partner

- Rickie Tyrer

- Robert Woitowitsch

- Robert Sandve
God Bless

- Robert Short

- Ron Burnett Burnett
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

- Rose Vicente
Hope that there would be more discoveries towards the cure of cancers

- Rosy Siu May Yung
With thanks, to the BC Cancer Agency

- Roxana and Michael McIlroy

- Roy and Leilani Osing

- Ruth Hardy

- SamW
In loving memory of my Aunt Leesa

- Sarah Roth

- Sarah Timleck

- Sharlene Samuel

- Sharlene Samuel
Thank you for letting me donate today. I wish all to be as fortunate as I feel.

- Sharon Jones
peace and kindness always

- Shelley Crawford

- Sophia Gatowski

- Stephanie Wakeford

- Steven Maccarthy

- Sunok Hassanzadeh
In thanks for the help and hope BC cancer agency has given to so many.

- Susan

- Susan Wells

- Terry and Linda Senft
Hope is the last thing ever lost (Italian proverb)

- Thelma

- Tiina Mccombie

- TJ Reynolds
Please accept this donation for furthering Ovarian Cancer research, and thank you to the Diamond family for their match campaign

- TM

- Tom and Trish Rathwell

- Tony Tedder
As a recent cancer patient, and having friends and family impacted by cancer, and now as a support person for my husband on his cancer journey, I will be forever grateful for those who donate and for those who research relentlessly.

- Tracey & Nick Szirth
Love your caregivers

- Val grandoni
For a special mother and friend, who is going to beat her cancer (again!), with lots of love from her family.

- Valerie Anne-Owen
Sending hopeful wishes this holiday season

- Valerie M.

- Van Schagen Family

- Vance Wellar

- Vanesse Ling

- Veronica Pegura

- Vivien Chow

- William K Hudson
Believe and Hope

- Yoli

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