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Thank you! – Our Giving Tuesday Match goal was achieved!

In celebration of Giving Tuesday, the Diamond Family Foundation has generously matched all donations up to $200,000 to the BC Cancer Foundation from November 30 until December 7.

The Diamonds have a long history of supporting BC Cancer. Years ago, they donated the land the cancer research building in Vancouver stands on. Now they’re hoping to inspire others to fuel the life-saving research, technology and treatment at BC Cancer.

“When it comes to ending cancer, every cent matters. It doesn’t matter if you give $10 or $100 or $10,000 or $100,000 — every little bit helps,” says Leslie Diamond of the family-run foundation.

“I can’t think of a better cause. BC Cancer is a wonderful, dedicated organization,” says Leslie, who knows this firsthand. She received her own breast cancer diagnosis over 40 years ago.

Please make your gift today to help advance research and innovate care at BC Cancer to save lives in our community.


Your message will be shared below shortly after making a donation.

Thank you for the gentleness and healing that comes with caring!

- Sue Smith
We are very thankful for the care Richard received at ACCC

- Dr. Rose and Staff
Enjoy the time you have

- A loving husband
For a better future

- Ron Jobson
For you, sis

- Dominica
Hope for a better year

- Darrell Gunnar Erickson
As a survivor, I not only share this hope, but have faith in the future and living a healthy, full life.

- Tanya Dang
For families living with cancer. For peace and healing.

- Soon and Yong
In memory of my sister Sara

- Anonymous
Together we beat Cancer

- Anonymous
Be strong, have faith and fight the good fight.

- Ann Weaving
Merry Christmas

- Winnie yuen
Deepest Condolences from the OLS family of your Grade 6 Class

- Basso Family
I would like this donation to be designated to the Abbotstford Regional Hospital Cancer Clinic

- James Lowes

- Rupinder Ahluwalia

- Anita Romaniuk

- Cameron J Turner

- Catherine Yeomans

- Christine Nowak

- Craig Chisholm

- Elizabeth Hansen

- erika scigliano

- Gary Yu

- Graham Biddle

- Irene Vavasour


- Keri J Peterson
Be strong to everyone fighting cancer.

- Everyone
Bless us all

- Pam
Can her may have started the fight, but I will finish it.

- Anonymous
In memory of

- Mom/Grandma
In memory of Erin Annesley who lost her fight and left her family too early.

- Marcia Kawaguchi
Let 2022 be a year of hope, healing and Peace.

- Jordana Pisio
Please continue the marvellous research your scientists are doing!!

- Morgan and Susan Wilks
Thank you for everything you do

- Paul Williams
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart. And you will never walk alone. - Oscar Hammerstein II

- Jan Pezarro
We never forget

- Ken Voth

- Al & Diana Botteselle

- Barbra Goldman

- Bill Currie

- Dan Christman

- Doug Johnstone

- Earl Thomas McAloney

- Fung Ming Chau

- Gordon Barber

- In memory of Heather McMullan

- James Wormsbecker

- Jane Brett

- Jennifer Finnegan

- John Gantner

- Joseph W Laughlin


- Marilyn Harrison

- Michael Lazier

- Michele Dennison


- Orrin Morishita

- Philippe Mondor

- Rob

All the best in finding new cancer research.

- Ted St. Pierre
BCCF was so important to me while going through my breast cancer 3 1/2 years ago.

- Sherry G Boudreau
I miss you every day!

- Enzo Nadalin
I raised this money by baking and selling cookies. My mom had cancer and I want to donate this money towards helping others with cancer too!

- Anonymous
In memory of Mrs. Surinder Parmar

- Michael
In memory of my husband

- Sandy
Keep up the good work

- Shirley Lawley
Let the bells of hope ring loud and often.

- George Gurney
please keep up the good work!

- T. Wong
Thank you all for your care, expertise, and dedication. It encourages and supports us all in the face of cancer.

Thank you for taking care of me. In honour of

- Dr. John W.S. Yun
Thanks to Dr. David Scott for his ongoing care and compassion.

- Kathy Kinloch
The BC Cancer Foundation made me a Survivor.

- Anonymous
To all those who have left us and to all of those who are still fighting the good fight I hope that this donation will help find a cure.

- Our favorite clown, Annie Banannie, whose sparkling eyes and mischievous smile brought so much joy to everyone she met.

- Alma & Douglas Anderson

- anna stein

- Bonnie Adams

- Borody Heather

- Cynthia Swales

- Gabi Hoffmann

- George Keys

- Gerry Collver

- Greg W Deacon

- Gurdish Gill

- Gwenda Maloney

- jackie heu

- Janet Wirth

- Jerry Zednai

- Jim McJannet

- Joan M Strick

- John Elliott


- Judy Carnochan

- Ken Miller

- Lesley Huygen

- Linda Jones

- Louisa M Tsui

- Mildred Vicente

- Mindy Zimmering

- Rickey Yada

- Robert Basaraba

- Roxanne Glavina

- Winnie yuen

- Xiaoyan Jiang
Donated in our beloved daughter and sister's name, Kirsten, for continued care and research in breast cancer.

- Kirsten Dawn Hurl
For my son Lachlan, brain cancer survivor, and the incredibly caring and talented oncology team at BC Children's Hospital

- Lachlan Keir
Get well soon Carter. Lots of love.

- Diana McMullin
Have Faith there is Hope

- L & J Luchak
Helping save so many lives. Thank You

- Leigh Hewitt
Hope to find and eliminate causes from the environment. ? glyphosate?

- Jim
Im a cancer survivor myself and I pray and hope that you'll get well soon!

- Helen
In Memory of Glenda Nacario

- Anonymous
In memory of my niece, Rae Ann Brackett

- Aunt Joan and family
In support of care for those living with lung cancer.

- Anonymous

- Anonymous
Keep up the good work.

- Paul Flaman
Let the Sun's energy fill your soul with Hope.

- Caroline Vining
Lynn, Love you foever

- K and D Avey
Miss you Mom ❤️

- Carol Skinner
Our daughter couldn't be helped-a very aggresive brain cancer

- Rev Charlotte Gardner.
Prayers to God for Everyone to have Good Health & Happiness in 2022

- Anonymous
Prostate Cancer took my brother because it was caught too Stage 4..........because of my brother and the medical system, it was caught early and Stage 1 so I'm a very lucky and grateful man.....

- Ray Lockhart
Research saves lives, love prevails.

- Pauline C.
Thank you for all your wonderful life saving work.

- Peter Speer and Jane Macdonald
The fight against cancer touches us personally.

- Ian and Darlene Brown
Towards a forever cure

- Steve
We hope this helps your research further ❤️

- Mark Cameron
We will beat cancer, one patient and one donation at a time!!!

- Evelyn Dube, lynette & Jack Short, David & Ron Lewis
We're all in it together!

- Michael Arthur Jordan
Wishing all cancer patients and survivors health and happiness.

- Cheryl Levick
wishing you all the best in life

- Paramjit Banga
Your work is absolutely critical. Thank you from all of us survivors.

- Anonymous

- Alfred Cordoni

- Beverley Lois Feick

- Bill Crimp

- bruce kuhn

- Colleen L Welsh

- David Lowe

- Dean Sjodin

- Don Eagleton

- Elsie Stephen

- Emmanuel & Betty Papoutsakis

- Erix Stewart

- Franco Ferrari

- George Fitch

- Gillian McMillan

- Giorgio & Antonietta Gastaldo

- Gordon Clements

- Henri Lapointe

- James Alberta williamson

- Jan Keast

- Jayne Milner


- Jimmy Lo

- Jodi Evans

- John L. Weiss

- jose darosa

- June Berka

- Kazuma Tonegawa

- Keith Hudson

- Kevin Y Nishi

- Leean

- lois catherine haines

- Lucie Fortier

- Mandy Ho

- Paula L Hart

- Rina Tran

- Robert &Judith Judith Kirk

- Rodrigo Gonzalez

- Rowena Mendoza

- Roy McIlveen

- Terrie Tam

- Trevor Doyle

- Wilfred Leong

- Winnie yuen
(E) Valerie Ardill Graham is sorely missed!

- Anonymous
This donation is in memory of Kurt Neuenfeldt, a dear colleague who recently succumbed to cancer. Thank you for your excellent care. Wishes for the new year. better new year.

- Anna Terrana
How many 70-year old's are diagnosed with breast cancer for the 1st time. I was one of them, and I am grateful to the Cancer Centers in North Vancouver and Vancouver, Thank-you!

- Marj Wallace
In loving memory of our Grandfather, Harinder Singh Aujla. We will always miss you.

- Harinder Singh Aujla
Love you mom!

- Anonymous
In Memoriam for A. Denzler

- Davison Family
Merry Christmas

- Alison Goulding
In Memory of Shailen Pillay-from Dharmen Pillay and Vishwa Pillay and Family

- Shailen Pillay
May this donation help to continue work on eradicating this dreaded disease !

- Ted K.
Cancer is a hard battle, you got this.

- Franny Kang
On Behalf of Jillian & Chris Ward

- Andrew James Partridge
Your to can beat cancer.

- Anonymous
Together we can defeat cancer!

- Donna Buxton
Keep up the fight, Dad! We love you!

- Tony van der Waarde
Missing you Mom

- Sophia Chan
Many Blessings on the Foundation

- Anonymous
Merry Christmas

- Annette Derksen
In memory of Marta Fox, beloved wife and mother.

- Cathal Fox
A contribution to hope for ALL affected by cancer.

- Anonymous
Happy Holidays!

- Parker Haralds
Merry Christmas Dad!

- Chris Jones
Happy holidays- wishing love and light

- Blanche, Raf, Andrew and Javi
God is Love

- Maggie Leung
Christmas Wish: A world where no child suffers!

- MCLaren Family

- Victor Sun
You got this, Dad.

- Monica
In memory of my Grandma

- Linda

- bruce gillies
Merry Christmas

- Winnie Yuen
Merry Christmas

- Anonymous
For my brother

- Ted
Carol fought cancer for years but unfortunately she has lost the battle.

- Carol Aitken
Praying for cancer cure!

- Anonymous
Love Tamara & Steve

- Robert Smith
Be strong , God bless all of you

- Ronald
Merry Christmas I hope you all will get better soon

- Sukhwinder
Merry Christmas

- Cailiegh Mackay
Merry Christmas

- Anonymous
Thinking of Papa, Bopa and Gaga this holiday.

- Anonymous
Please issue receipt to Bhalaee Foundation

- Gian Singh Sandhu
Happy 50th Sean! Love the 4 fams!!

- Sean Wood
Be brave, be courageous and be strong

- Diana Wong
Hoping for a cure soon

- jacob dyck
Merry Christmas

- Winnie yuen
Merry Christmas

- Winnie yuen
Please keep up your hard work.MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

- Rob
For good care, comfort, and sparkles of joy

- Andrew Brown
We miss you dear husband, father and grandfather. God help others

- Anonymous

- Devron Gaber
In support of lymph node and stomach cancer research.

- Anonymous
God bless. Thank you

- Anonymous
I hope with your investigation continue elevating the global caner understanding

- Anonymous
Thank you for all that you do

- Chris & Josie
In memory of our dear Auntie Jean

- Anonymous
In memory of my Mother

- Joanna Reyerse
Wishing you a happy, healthy and speedy recovery!

- Gurpal Sandhu
Sending love to everyone battling right now.

- Jaxon Silvey
To support research and care

- Anonymous
Thank God for Science

- Marjory
F*ck cancer!!

- M
Stay strong, you can beat this.

- Anonymous
Give It your strongest fight Annielyn, Tatyana, and Shannon! I'm with you!

- Val
Thank you to all chemo nurses and oncologist at BC Cancer Surrey Memorial Hospital. Merry Christmas!

- I. Ho
Together we will conquer cancer

- Diana Huang
Thank you for your support and caring

- Anonymous
Special thoughts for all those wonderful memories we all share.

- Robert & Sheryl Lowden
My grandson and myself are both cancer survivors. Without the dedication and research of all the people at the foundation this might not be possible. Let's continue our support to find a cure and end to cancer!

- Gord M
I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in February 2021. The staff, especially the nurses, at BC Cancer were amazing. I am making this donation in the hopes that through research, a cure for cancer will soon be found.

- Sarah
The love around you can be as powerful as hope

- Vaishali Mehta
Thank you.

- April Moore
Grateful for the treatment my son received .

- Janet A. Mowatt
Sending love, hope, and support.

- Lynne, Craig, Erin, Jeff and Ryan
Kick this disease to the curb!

- Anonymous
with hopes of a Covid-free and break throughs in cancer research in 2022

- Debbie and Sheldon Nider
In memory of Emily Ann Wood

- Season Pizzey
In support of research

- Anonymous
Thank you for all the work you do.

- Anonymous
For all the loved ones you have helped in the past! For all the loved ones I have lost! For all the ones we can help in the future!

- Lois Shandley
Thanks again for an amazing 5 years of loyalty, commitment and hard work!

- Ron Shaw
Keep up the great work!!

- The Strongs
Let's find a cure together..... in memory of dad... I love you forever

- Sandra Trujillo

- Nil
Merry Christmas!

- On behalf of Karen Floyd
Thanks to BC Cancer my wife is cancer free 4 years later.

- Allan Brotherton
There will always be someone wishing you well.

- Teresa Diep
Everyday brings new discoveries, hope and cures.

- Ainsley
Keep kicking cancer in the butt Pam

- Mark and Kari
Your courage and your strength are unstoppable, even though it won't always feel that way. Know that you are loved and supported by many around you, who all send you our love and best wishes of support.

- David Morton
On Behalf of little Abigail Smith who passed away this year

- Anonymous
Everything will be OK and Keep moving!!

- Emily
Remembering all those who fought and are fighting Cancer.

- Eleanor
Judie Anne Nelson and Bert Vadgama Circle

- Judie Anne Nelson and Bert Vadgama Circle
In Search of Cancer Research, care & dignity.

- Tammy Watkins
In Memory of Kathleen Douglas

- Kelly Douglas
Wishing for an end to cancer, if not an end, at least a cure

- Chris Wilde
In memory of my family

- Darlene Hunniford
Thank you to the medical community for your tireless fight.

- S & E Chiang
Deepest sympathies for your loss

- Loreto Malsegna
In memory of our loved ones

- Anonymous
Thank you for the research for the cure.

- Krishna Buysschaert
Thank you to all the medical staff who made it possible for me [Ruth Sigurdson] to beat cancer twice in 2021. You are all amazing.

- Norm and Ruth Sigurdson
Wish everyone is well

- Cathy Cheuk Ki Siu
Stay Strong, believe, have hope

- Anonymous
Thinking of the ones we lost

- Anonymous
Warm Christmas wishes for the end of all suffering, with only peace and joy!

- Jack Hawthorne
You do wonderful work!

- Anonymous
Sending hope this holiday season

- Angela Burnell
Have a very merry christmas!

- Daniel Costea
Angels among us!

- Anonymous
Stay Strong!

- A & E
THIs is all I can afford, sorry

- Joel Koven
Merry Christmas Jessica , For your Mom

- Jessica Cruz
I am so sorry for your loss. Leo was such a special person. I will miss him.

- Leo Gougeon
For my sister who has been battling cancer for 24 years

- Anonymous
lets end Terry's run...

Never Give Up

- Cavell Tire Sales - Hoeschle Family
Happy holidays :)

- Lauren M
Stay Strong and Choose Hope

- James Teo
In support of all the strong individuals who have fought; and will fight this terrible disease.

- Bryan Van Lissum
We shall prevail

- Joan Woodrow
We can HOPE for a cure.

- Marcial & Luz
I have had 2 different cancers but am doing very well since receiving treatment.

- John
You saved my life and many others.

- Marlene Dunbrack
Merry Christmas

- Man Pui Kwan
Thank you for the wonderful care I received at the Abbotsford Cancer Center

- Janine
Stop cancer!

- Marilyn Sutherland
Fight the good fight!

- A grateful grandson
In memory of Leo Gougeon

- Anonymous
You all are going a great job. Thank you

- anonymous
In memory of Kenneth Chow. Thank you BC Medical teams for all your constant hard work!

- Dr. Bosung Kim
Wishing Everyone a Season of Blessings

- Gurpreet Mann
You are in my thoughts and prayers

- OpenRoad Auto Group
lets cure cancer

- the browns
Keep fighting !

- Vicky Ho
May God give hope to every patient of canceri instead of waiting for death

- My Husband
We hope this donation can help make a small difference

- Division #4 Walnut Road Elementary-Surrey
Merry Christmas

- Garry Fast
Thank you for the brilliant cancer treatment research!

- Anonymous
I've been in remission for over a year and I can't thank the staff at BCCA enough for their care during my lymphoma treatment. To all patients - Hang in there, it definitely gets better! Happy holidays!

- Simon Tso
Keep up the good work

- Anonymous
My Prostate Cancer got beaten by surgery this summer.

- The credit goes to Doctor John A. Warner, Urologist
In memory of all the family members who lost the good fight against cancer.

- Anonymous
In memory of Liz Chavez

- Anonymous
Have a healthy and safe Christmas. and 2022

- Robert and Marianne Eng
Thanking for helping my wife and best friend of 39 years.

- Rob MacWilliam
Happy Holidays

- The Guadagni Family
We hope we find you well!

- James Kennedy Elementary School Division 7 Class
Happy holidays

- Gumantong
Merry Christmas keep up the great work

- Alyssa Thomas
Hope for Cancer cure

- Anonymous
Never give up

- Maya Elliott
Merry Christmas and Thank you to the all the people who work every day to fight cancer.

- Kathy Kealey
Thank you for all your help

- John Laing
Peace and Love to all

- The Chings
Happy Holidays! You are a great fighter :)

- Angel
Thanks for your LGH and SGH support.

- Edie and David Hildreth

- Anonymous
This donation was the Christmas request for my 8 year old son Cassius

- Cassius Khan
In memory of Harold Purvis and Jorgen Munck

- Anonymous
My mom just successfully underwent her 2nd cancer surgery in 6 years. She has never undergone any type of cancer treatment -just surgeries - but thanks for all you do!

- Bosco Family
You do such good work

- Dean Colpitts
Sending hope, courage and love to all those fighting the battle with cancer.

- Sonia Singh
Thanks for all the hard work from the group.

- Lawrence Cheung
Never lose hope. Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

- Alpine Home Care Inc.
God & the universe blesses us wealthy people. Therefore we should bless others & help others in need! Pay it forward!

- Ross & Beverly Johmston & Heidi & Ryan Thiessen
Hoping we get closer to finding more cures so we don't lose so many loved ones.

- Clare Hamilton-Eddy
We wish healing and for those touched by cancer to have the ability to find joy, even for just a few moments over this holiday season. 2021 has been our family's most challenging year yet. 2022 is starting with hope and strength. Let the fight begin!

- Brittany and Mick Johnson
To a loving mother, we all miss you.

- Aimee Jones
Let's beat this awful disease

- Anonymous
Never give up! You are in brillia caring hands!

- Joanie R.
May our little children receive all the help needed to overcome Cancer

- Polly & Tommy
Never, Never, Never Give Up!

- Anonymous
So sorry to hear of Don's passing. I am thinking of you, Sharon. Love, Florence

- Don Bornstein
Kick Cancers @ss

- Dave Bonella & Sarah Galbraith-Bonella
Very grateful for to all the staff and hope that everyone gets the same treatment as I did. Excellent doctors and nurses.

- Helena Flores
My wife, Elina, bravest of them all and to her wonderful, incredibly skilled and caring surgeon Dr. Sheena Macadam.

- Bradley Sinclair
Every little bit helps...

- richard potts
Keep doing what you are doing as it means so much

- Dave and Edie Alexander
An end to pancreatic cancer

- Guy and Alexia Akester
Please direct my donation to immunotherapy research

- Anonymous
To BC Cancer research

- Anonymous
Thank you to the good people working at BC Cancer.

- Shaun Cathcart & Scott Turner
Thank you for your generosity

- Julius Cheung
You are not alone. Do not give up.

- Anonymous
May we beat cancer once and for all.

- Gerry Chow
Thank you

- David Derksen
I am so thankful for the care I am receiving at the Kelowna Cancer Clinic!

- Diane Serres
I am proud to support the work of BC Cancer Foundation.

- Robbert Doornberg
For Prostate Cancer

- Windsor Plywood Employees in Parksville
5 years and counting !! - Thank you to the BC Cancer Society

- Dr. Wu and team
From Manjot Hallen fund raiser.

- Yad Garcha
Thank you for all this organization has done for individuals and their families! Your work has not gone unnoticed :)

- Diane & Elliot Gin
Heal that cancer

- Janice Helle
Looking forward to a future with a cure for all types of cancer.

- Morris Hestrin
Never lose. Storms make people stronger, and they never last forever.

- Sainna's Creative Factory
2022 will be a better year.

- Ian Kennedy.
Happy holidays

- Huggy Bizzle
We are stronger together!

- Fiona Lee
For my Ku Ku

- Michael Lee
Stay positive! Stay strong and believe this is a battle worth winning! I've been there and done it, so can you😘

- Nicole Linza
Thank you Diamond Foundation!

- Beverly McGillivray
Thank you to ALL the incredible teams at BCCA for their care & support during my cancer treatments

- IleanaMcK
Remembering all my comrades in arms on the 10th anniversary of my diagnosis.

- Leann Milton
Thanks to all those who have pioneered before us!

- NA
Each day brings new healing

- Philip Rechsteiner
Thank you for all you do.

- Alexandra Rickards
Thank you for all you have done for us

- Stan Shackell
Dreaming of a world with no cancer

- In Memory of Alan George Parkin
Never give up, there are new developments in treatments & other options

- Arvind Singh
Rhedia may you be pain free and soaring with the angels

- Rhedia K Stark
Thanks for all our health care workers do

- Margaret Tebbutt
If we can just get there!!!

- Nathalie & Emma Tuson
Because Cancer affects all of us in some way. it's all our responsibility to help eradicate it

- Anonymous
You were gone too soon.

- Cecilia Velasco
My prayer for cure for cancer.

- Bina Venkatachellum
This is in loving memory of my mom <3

- Stephanie Wan Min Kee
Thank you to the BC Cancer Foundation from a (Cancer Survivor)

- Robert S Williams
A tree standing alone is easily knocked down. A tree in a forest stands forever. You are not alone. We all stand with you.

- Anonymous
Merry Christmas

- Peace
Gratitude for all you've done.

- hai ming zheng
Happy Holidays!

- Elly Chan Realty
In Loving Memory

- Gail Mackenzie
Thank you for all you do to support those who have cancer

- Arlene Dashwood
Thank you to the Diamond Family for the matching donations

- Dr. Jordan Millar
Thank You very much for the wonderful care that your hospital provided recently for Elisabeth Kalbfleisch

- Elisabeth Kalbfleisch
May cancer become a thing of the past.

- Gloria, Lionel, Malakai, and Levi Lau
Its wonderful to see researchers working hard to make a better life for those struggling to overcome the disease. Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year

- Anonymous
May strength and courage be with you all!

- Eva Manolis
5 years Cancer Free

- Don
Here is a hope that one day cancer will no longer be a scary diagnosis.

- Kellie Moniz

- Anonymous
In Memory of Fung Che Leung!

- Sai Chi, Alice, Stephanie
thank you for the "matcher"

- alice s chung
Let's all hope this year even more treatments and cures can be found against cancer. Thank you all at BCCF for your hard work.

- Heidi Bergstrom
Never lose hope

- Quoc Bui
Keep fighting....don't give up!

- Anonymous
You can do it!!

- Anonymous
I did this because of our teacher and other people that have battled cancer

- Easton & Ruby
May the Lord bless you with hope this season

- Corina De Guire
Thanks for my great care I received this year

On behalf of Dionne Finch & Family of Bowen Island

- Richard Finch
Never give up

- Anonymous
Towards a more hopeful future for cancer patients

- The Hamilton Family
Happy memories especially at the concerts

- Dorothy Rafter
Donna has gone thru car-t cell treatment and has so for been cancer free at this time.

- Donna Macleod
I'm giving in loving gratitude for the wonderful care I am receiving as I go through breast cancer treatment in Vancouver.

- Brenda Harrison
Simply ... it matters .

- Wayne and Ulrika Merrick
Thank you for all your help.

- Pasquale and Giuseppina Papillo
In memory of my Auntie Donnie!

- Anonymous
I am a survivor and very thankful for the care I received. I kicked cancer's butt, so can you!

- Rhonda
Thanks to all my friends who came out to the Oktoberfest fundraiser in support of breast cancer research!

- Steph Bell
On behalf of Julia Covington

- Anonymous
Kick Cancer's butt. You got this!!!

- Anonymous
My spouse,daugter anddaughter-in-law are all cancr survivors following surgery,chemo and radiaion therapy. My spouse has since died but not of cancer, it was complications from MS and Heart failure at age 87.

- Rober L. Holland
In support of cancer research and care

- Anonymous
May this Christmas be cancer free for all

- Serap Kaga
Cancer can be beaten if we fight together!!!

- Glenn Lohnes
I hope my little gift will help the bc cancer foundation for cure research.

- Anonymous
In memory of our dearest sister, Cher.

- Carrie Nelson and family
In memory of Lisa, Steve and Kathleen 💕

- Catherine
So many memories

- Kelly Jane Rae
Don't give up!!

- Anonymous
One year cancer free, thanks to all staff in Prince George.

- David Silver
We wish everyone all the best of luck!

- PW Leadership
Keep up the good work

- Susanna Tapp
No gift can be more than a token of appreciation for the wonderful care I've received, with special thanks to the Nanaimo Cancer Clinic nurses.

- Judy Wilson
Merry Christmas and lots of love in 2022!

- Ann Coombs
Miss You

- Sophia Mar
In memory of my Grandma Kerrigan, Jim Echols, and to honour my Baba who is fighting cancer.

- Orion Lamb
Thank you Diamond Family

- Anonymous
In memory of our friend Jeff L.

- Rob and Karen
I pray for the elimination of cancer

- Angela
In loving memory of Juliet R. Hii, mother, wife, sister, friend.

- Bernadette Hii
Thank you so much to the fantastic team at BC Cancer Agency! Your care for patients have been amazing!

- D. Jang
In memory of those we have lost and those who are still fighting the fight.

- LK
In the memory of grandma

- Sophie Lam
BC has the best medical team to beat cancer, I survived and so can you!

- Ada Lau
We are stronger together!

- Fiona
Stay Positive for the Future

- Isabella Leung
In memory of our friend Akira Osawa.

- Bennett and Francis
In memory of my mom Mai Thi Dung. And thank you to the wonderful doctors who have helped her!

- K. Nguyễn
Miss you Mom

- Bernice Edwards
Sending Hope & Support!

- Anonymous
Thank you for your good work

- Anonymous
Hoping for cures and comfort for all humankind

- In honour of Govind Sundram
In Memory of Lea Crompton

- EA HOT Girls
In Memory of my Dad

- John Wood
together let us be compassionate and work towards conquering cancer~ for everyone who has suffered and been affected xo

- Anonymous
Merry Christmas 🤶

- Peace
In this difficult time we need to look out for each other

- Danfoss Couriers
Thinking of my mother who we lost from cancer late last year

- Vicki M Bathurst, daughter
Thanks to the Diamonds for doing this. Special Family

There is a Hope for everyone as the research keep advancing

- Maria C.
In Honour of Joyce Leung

- Joyce Leung
Niki, Merry Christmas my friend! In memory of your Mom.

- Marnie

Please pray for my aunt!

- Anonymous
For family suffering with cancer

- Bob and Dora
Would like to participate in helping others

- Anonymous
Please put more emphasis on the prevention of cancer, so we won't have to have so many suffer with the treatments.

- Vanette Leck
Thank you 🙏

- Jill Lorimer
Thank you for your hard work, kindness, hope and support

- Heidi Pullem
For Molly's dad - keep fighting the fight!!!

- Ricks
Best Wishes for Everyone!! ;)

- Sunny Ting
One day soon we will end Cancer!

- Deidre and Jason Weinstein
A very worthwhile donation!

- Grant
Thank you on behalf of the Fairway Gorge Paddling Club's annual Wetdashe campaign for men's health

- Fairway Gorge Paddling Club
The care given by the BC Cancer Agency is truly amazing! Thank you!

- Mary Lois Alford and Deb Irving
Thank you very much to the Cancer Foundation and Agency for assuming my cancer treatment, and making me the healthy survivor I am today.

- Anonymous
Thank you BC Cancer for helping us get through a difficult time!

- Joanne and Robert Bedard
Thank you BC Cancer for helping us get through a difficult time!

- Joanne and Robert Bedard
I'm a cancer afflicted person. It's won. Thankful for the support of my spouse.

- Jim Beguin
Blessings for a Peaceful Year to All

- My Friends
With hope we shall conquer

- Fulvia De Souza
In appreciation of the wonderful nurses at the Richmond Hospital Cancer Clinic

- Anonymous
Seth - who is a dedicated husband & father, and a good friend to many

- Nicky Calvert
In honour of dear friend Rebecca, who cares for a flock that extends far beyond her four boys!

- Nicky Calvert

- Larry Carlson
Believe and Hope

- Yoli
Heartbreaking so many folks still battling cancer in its many forms

- Dianne
Keep up Your Good Work! Wish your colleagues have a safe & healthy Year of 2022!

- Conrad Chung
Thank you

- Doug Cornelson
peace and kindness always

- Shelley Crawford
Keep up the good work!

- Cynthia Cruz
Thank you Diamond Family

- Marty Dohm
Thank you to all

- Anonymous
Hoping this gift will help make the gift of life real for someone in the future.

- Carrol and Gordon Duke
We must fight and stop this curse which robs us of our loved ones.

- Chris, Ellen, Tom and so many more
For those we have lost, and for those we are fighting for.

- B & L Fines
One day soon we will have a cure

- Anonymous
F**k cancer!!

- Danika G.

- Austin Henneberry Sr.
Courage; square your shoulders & buck up! - HOPE ALWAYS: - Trust: in the Medical Teams caring for you. We donate to support the bright Researchers looking for those ah-ha scientific breakthrough moments to positively affect our lives!

- Diane Gradler
Love your caregivers

- Val grandoni
Thank you for matching my gift

- Edward Hillary

Thank you for letting me donate today. I wish all to be as fortunate as I feel.

- Sharon Jones
So thankful our mom/gramma is still with us.

- Ashlee & Navya
Fight, fight, fight!

- Courtney Klassen
Thank you so much for all that you do!

- Anonymous
Tomorrow Will Always Be Better!

- Calina Lam
Cancer isn't the only thing that affects us all; hope affects us all too. We choose hope!

- Miranda Lam & Michael Johnson
We miss you

- Heather Dreger
Thank you for the care and support you offer to me and all my loved ones who are battling cancer. ❤️

- Jacklyn Loder
Thank you to an absolutely wonderful team at BC Cancer Centre Victoria

- Anonymous
To Tom

- Michael Shawn MacInnes
In recognition of the excellent care provided to my wife in Victoria

- Anonymous
Lets beat this!

- Rick Maysenhoelder
Appreciate all you do.

- Anonymous
With thanks, to the BC Cancer Agency

- Roxana and Michael McIlroy
Wishing everyone love & laughter!

- Darren & Sharlene Mcilwain
Support Cancer research- protect your family

- Evelyn McNee
Please accept this donation for furthering Ovarian Cancer research, and thank you to the Diamond family for their match campaign

- TM
Sending hopeful wishes this holiday season

- Valerie M.
Lots of Love --

- Jennifer Moss
Cancer cure is within reach

- Ashraf Surani
All cancers need to be beaten, we have Hope eternal this will happen. with the amazing research being undertaken.

- Larry & Mimi
Blessing to all cancer children in the hospital. Heal them and have a spirit of Christmas

- Anonymous
Hope is the last thing ever lost (Italian proverb)

- Thelma
For a special mother and friend, who is going to beat her cancer (again!), with lots of love from her family.

- Valerie Anne-Owen
HOPE : BELIEVE : TRUST :LIVE each moment!

- All doctors, nurses, scientists, and care givers
When people mix science with hope, miracles can happen. Healthiness for everyone!

- Anonymous
Working Together Cancer will be beaten!

- PacWest Medical Inc.
In thanks for the help and hope BC cancer agency has given to so many.

- Susan
In loving memory of my Aunt Leesa

- Sarah Roth
Thank you BC Cancer for saving my life

- Anonymous
God Bless

- Robert Short
Wife died of cancer in 2020

- Nancy Stritychuk
As a recent cancer patient, and having friends and family impacted by cancer, and now as a support person for my husband on his cancer journey, I will be forever grateful for those who donate and for those who research relentlessly.

- Tracey & Nick Szirth
thank you for my son's life

- Mom
goodbye partner

- Rickie Tyrer
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

- Rose Vicente
hope & light

- remembering Dani
keep fighting, the battle isn't won!

- Bryan & Glennis White
Hope that there would be more discoveries towards the cure of cancers

- Rosy Siu May Yung
we greatly appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much.

- christopher barton
Stay Strong and Love sent your way

- Anonymous

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