14th Annual Glotman Simpson Cypress Challenge

Positively Purple

Hello friends and family! We are spinning our wheels uphill again this August for the Virtual Glotman Simpson Cypress Challenge to raise awareness and funds in support of pancreatic cancer research and care at BC Cancer.

As you know, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three years ago in 2018. The life-saving treatments I have received at BC Cancer would not have been possible without the incredible and generous support of donors to BC Camcer. Unfortunately this year, another 800 British Columbians are estimated to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Seventy-five% of these patients won’t survive the first year, and less than 10% will survive five years.

I am doing everything I can to continue to beat the odds and want to help others do the same. Please support me and some great cycling friends in this virtual challenge to raise funds and hope for pancreatic cancer research and care. We need to act now!

On August 8th, our team "Positively Purple" will tackle Cypress Mountain - Please consider making a donation!

Thanks in advance for your love and support!

Lee & Justin

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Team Name: Positively Purple |
Team Goal: $5,000.00

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