Lose the Booze

Boozeless Babes

This January, I've committed to Lose the Booze and give up alcohol for the entire month.

Cancer unfortuantely has reaked havoc over the last few years on my family and it continues to do so. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer back in March 2016. I underwent chemotherapy, radiation and a double mastectomy and entered "remission". During my treatment, 2 of my brothers were also diagnosed with different forms of cancer. With great sadness, we lost 1 of my brothers this past February from complications associated with his cancer treatment. In September 2020, my cancer returned. I now have stage 4 Metastic Breast Cancer and will be on treatment for the remainder of my life. Cancer SUCKS. I am hopeful that there will be a cure for this horrible disease during my lifetime as I still have so many things on my bucket list that I want to achieve.

Please considering supporting me on this challenge. Your gift will directly support life-saving cancer research taking place at BC Cancer.

Thank you so much for your support!

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