TARGET Pediatric AML

Beare-Stoffelsma Family


Alex was 4 years old when unrelenting fevers, some unexplained bruising and increasing breathing difficulty led doctors to the testing which would diagnose him with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He was airlifted to BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver where we would spend the better part of the next 6 months enduring multiple rounds of chemotherapy so harsh, he needed to be kept an inpatient in hospital and on protective isolation as his immune system was so depleted. His stay involved multiple scary weeks in the intensive care unit, initially from the cancer itself and later due to a viral infection his body couldn’t fight.
His story, however, is a success story. We stand here 4 years later with Alex in near perfect health. But this unfortunately isn’t the story for so many children with AML. We are eternally grateful for Alex’s health, and have committed to improving the prognosis for pediatric AML the best ways we know how.

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