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Run Inn the Woods 2021 *Virtual*

*Please note, the 2021 Run Inn the Woods is now virtual as a result of trail closures in Pacific Spirit Park due to recent storms.*

Run Inn the Woods started as a memorial run for our good friend Barry Allcock who passed away in 1997 after a long battle with cancer. Barry loved to run but more importantly he loved to run while in the company of good friends. It is in this spirit that we remember and celebrate with the Run Inn the Woods.  

Over the years The Run Inn has lost other friends who shared the same spirit as Barry. It is in the memory and spirit of these friends that we get together once a year for Run Inn the Woods.

Carrie Beaman who was only 24 years old when she passed away in 2002 from neuroendocrine cancer.  

Mike Holyk who lost his battle to an aggressive form of lymphoma in 2012.  

Scott Jackson who passed away in 2015 after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia 8 months earlier.  

Devi Ralla who passed away in 2016 from breast cancer.  

And most recently, Jane Kirkham, who lost her fight against cancer in 2019.

Since its inaugural run in 1998, Run Inn the Woods has raised over $208,000 in donations.  It is the longest running, independently managed, community based fundraising event for the BC Cancer Foundation.

We invite you to share Barry, Carrie, Michael, Scott, Devi and Jane’s spirit of running and, in doing so, support the BC Cancer Foundation.

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