Personalize your fundraising page.

Login to your Participant Centre and update your personal fundraising page with copy that lets your audience know why you are taking on this challenge and inspires them to donate. Add a more personal touch by adding your photo too!

Send emails to friends and family – and everyone else!

What is the biggest key to successful fundraising? Asking! Create a list of everyone you can think of and send them emails linking back to your Participant Page.

Is there a friend or family member that would prefer to donate by cash or cheque to support your efforts? Download a donation form here.

Use social media to spread the word.

Share the link to your Personal Page on your social media accounts and let your followers know that you need their support. Suggest a lower donation amount that will appeal to your followers and be sure to thank each one who donates to your fundraiser!

Ask for some love.

Ask the special people in your life to "show you some love" with a donation

Host a virtual fundraiser

Organizing a virtual fundraiser during the month is a fun way to ask for donations. You can host an online games night or ask your bartender friend to host a how-to workshop on mocktails. Get creative!

Start the ball rolling yourself.

Show your supporters that you want to make an impact and donate to your fundraiser first.