Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

Welcome to the Cure Our Ovarian Cancer Fundraising page for BC Cancer Foundation.

Every year tens of thousands of women around the world are diagnosed with low-grade serous carcinoma. A type of ovarian cancer which disproportionately affects younger women and is difficult to treat.

We are fighting for research to improve their survival.

100% of the funds raised through this page will go directly to low-grade serous cancer research to help those affected have more time to live the lives they love.

Donations raised through this page are received and administered by the BC Cancer Foundation.

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Jen's Fight - First Annual RIde for Ovarian Cancer

August 19, 2023

Jen’s Fight will raise money for the research of a rare, but life-threatening strain of Ovarian Cancer called Low-grade serous (LGS) Ovarian Cancer.

Fallen Riders’ Event Manager, Leona, started this event in support of her sister-in-law, Jennifer Davies. Jen was diagnosed late last summer with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer and under the age of 50.

The Amy Award Anthology

Paperback - April 20, 2022

The short memoirs in this anthology are the inaugural finalists of what has become known, affectionately, as The Amy Award. The pieces represent a range of styles: a lyric essay; a travel chronicle; a letter to a younger self; a portrait of a forgotten relative; tales of childhood, coming of age, family tensions and surrenders; vignettes of caring for aging parents; and a sketch of powerlessness and love during the pandemic.

While they vary in subject and form, these essays all contain the common pulse of grounding, resonant love. In the words of award-winning memoirist, Anne Bokma, the judge of this year's contest: "Each of these short memoir pieces is a unique jewel that illuminates some aspect of our human experience."

The International Amy MacRae Award for Memoir was created in celebration of the life of Amy MacRae and in support of her legacy to improve the outcomes of women with ovarian cancer.

All proceeds from this book are donated to Amy's Living Legacy in support of ovarian cancer research.

Available for purchase: Amazon / IndigoAlison Wearing